Quick Facts on Alleged Delegate Challenges

(Brock, please post a summary of all challenges when you receive them.  Openness and transparency should be a hallmark of this process.  As to actual challenges we will see.  But as to what Paul has reported, I am 100% sure that the Romney team contacted non-winning delegates to ask for support for challenges based on 5.2.  Now whether they pursue those challenges is another thing completely. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Here’s a quick fact on the rumored challenges to challenges to delegates elected recently at the statewide caucuses:

There are PLENTY of rumors about Ron Paul/Liberty Slate members being targetted – either using a shotgun or sniper approach via Rule 5.2.  

Here are two facts: I serve on the Delegate Allocation Committee and I HAVE NOT BEEN PRESENTED WITH ANY CHALLENGES or official news thereof.

I’m not saying anyone is wrong and certaily not a liar about the challenge rumor but I’m simply stressing that as someone who sits on the committee that will determine the actual challeges, the deadline for challenges was Friday and I have not officially been presented with a single one.  As such, I’m skeptical of any claims of any activity and simply caution everyone to take a deep breath and let the cards be laid down upon the table before we all get too deep into spreading rumors or getting too whipped up with unjust concern.

I assume that there will be challenges, there were various ones in 2008 when I served on the same committee.  At the end of our work then, no challenges for previous candidate support were upheld.

Could challenges based upon Rule 5.2 be sustained nowadays, yes it’s possible.  It’s a rule and it all depends on why the challenge was made, the applicability and legitimacy of the challenge and the evidence presented.  Rule 5.2 received a healthy deliberation during the Rules Committee meeting in September 2011.  I served upon that committee as well so I clearly understand the “framer’s intent” in that instance.  It wasn’t for the mass expulsion of any slate.  It was an individual, not group, remedy.  But yes, it was a remedy for what turns out to be team Romney (as no other candidate received the minimum threshold of 15% back at March’s Presidential Primary).

That said I’m going into our Delegate Allocation Committee meeting(s) with an open mind without prejuding anyone or slate.  I participated and observed the 9th Congressional district caucus and there were fine candidates, and their supporters, on both sides.

My biggest gripe is that we perpetually talk about sides and groups rather than a single Massachusetts Republican Party.  It’s well, well past time to stop fighting amongst ourselves and focusing on politically defeating the Democrats.

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