Provisional ballots?

The MA Republican Caucus was held on Saturday, April 28, in each congressional district. If it could not be confirmed that a voter was a registered Republican on or before February 15, 2012, then they were given a provisional ballot, which was placed in a sealed envelope while it could be determined whether or not the person was a registered Republican. This process was supposed to be completed by Wednesday, May 2, at which point any ballots that were submitted by someone who was in fact a registered Republican by 2/15 would be counted. It is now Wednesday, May 9, and this process has not taken place yet. This is just further proof that MassGOP wants to disenfranchise those who voted for the Liberty slate – those provisional ballots are, in all likelihood, overwhelmingly for the Liberty slate. The odds of people changing to Republican just to attend that caucus and vote for the Romney slate are next to zero, but many people registered as Republicans in order to vote for the Liberty slate, since Ron Paul’s support comes from independents and Democrats as well as Republicans. To ensure a fair process, I strongly urge MassGOP to complete this process in a timely manner so that the delegates can become certified.

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