President Obama’s “Julia” deck is fantastic!

Wow. I just got to look at the Julia infographic slides posted on President Obama’s campaign website. I was impressed! It is gorgeous, has sophisticated link tracking, very nice sharing options, and works well on all platforms.

Infographics are the hot thing now, and this is one of the best examples I have seen of how to use them effectively. I give the Obama team credit for how they are telling stories online. Their recent Tumblr blog experiment is another example.

Of course, my fellow Republicans are focusing on the content, which is the absurd non-American idea that the government, not the people, will provide prosperity. But this isn’t the important thing. The people on the Obama campaign are kicking our asses when it comes to online campaigning. We must spend at least some of our time talking about how we can compete with their very sophisticated operation. They are way ahead of us in so many areas. This isn’t a money thing, as the party has lots of money. It is about whether or not we are going to find or develop people that truly “get” technology and communication online, or whether we will just be a party of angry and immature bloggers who scream all the way to losing in November because eventually Team Obama found the right messages to exploit with their excellent tools and techniques. We must be talking about this together or else we are going to lose the campaign online.

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