Obama’s Political & Ideological Gambit

President Barack Obama‘s decision to endorse marriage equality is not only a significant shift in his re-election campaign strategy but more broadly I think both he & his New Left advisors feel that the gambit is a necessary one.

I suspect Obama and his allies want to make sure that the “brand” of the Democrat Party reflects the core ideological values of the New Left – even if the expression of said values leads the party to purge itself of any “Blue Dog” Jacksonian/Reagan Democrats in their midst. This should be no surprise to anyone paying attention to this administration. The move not only lays down the foundation for what Obama & his fellow travelers seek to impose upon America but also reflects the supreme confidence these ideologues have that their vision of our country’s future will soon become a reality – one that moves our nation away from American dynamism towards European statism.

The mainstream media is currently citing the primary defeat of Republican US Senator Richard Lugar (among other similar stories) as an example of “extremist” elements within the GOP taking over the party. Yet few – if any – media professionals are expressing the same level of concern about the ongoing transformation of the Democrat Party by its own “extremist” factions. Moderates in both parties are being pushed aside – if not pushed out. Is that a good thing?

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