OBAMACARE AND SUPREME COURT

                                By:  Edward P. Shallow

Most Americans are aware the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in June challenging President Obama’s health care law several constitutional questions will be heard.

Twenty six states  led by Florida and the National Federation  of Independent  Business  — counter this by arguing  that the mandate  is a legitimate exercise  of Congress’s power  to regulate  interstate  commerce under the  Commerce  Clause  of Article 1, Section 8  of the Constitution.

What makes the mandate different is that it is not regulating actual commerce, but its absence.  It compels  individuals to purchase a product, thus forcing them to enter the stream of commerce..

If the federal government is able to compel activity, the challengers argue then there would be no limit on Congressional power.  Under the same legal logic, Congress could also force individuals to join a gym or eat broccoli.

(The above was excerpted from The Washington Examiner)  The article is titled:  Obamacare on trial.

In case the Supreme Court does not revoke the entire  healthcare bill,  I remind readers, they will have the option to elect Republicans to the presidency and both houses of Congress and most have indicated if the Supreme Court hasn’t  revoked the entire bill,, if elected they will.

Stephen  Fraser a pacticing  physician indicates he has read the health care bill  and I am  shocked by the brazenness of the goverenment’s  proposed  involvement in the  patient–physician relationship.  The very  idea that the government will dictate  and ration patient  care is dangerous  and certainly not helpful  in designing  a health care  system that works for all.  

The good doctor points out that page  22 of the HC bill  mandates  that the government  will audit books of  all employers  that self insure.

The following lines from the bill will  disturb every reader concerned with their health care;  I will list as many  as space will permit. The entire bill consists of 2,700 pages.

Page 30 Sec 123  of the HC bill:  There will be a government  committee that decides  what treatments /benefits  you get.

Page 29 lines  4-16 : your health care  is rationed.

Page 42:  The Health  Choices  Commissioner  will choose  your HC benefits for you. You have no choice.

Page 50: Section 152 HC  will be provided  to all non-US citizens, illegal or otherwise.

Page 58 Government  will have access to individuals finaances and a National ID Health card will be issued.

Page  59 – lines 21-24  the government  will have direct access to your bank accounts  for elective  funds transfer.

Page  85 – line 7:  specifications  of benefits  levels for plans–the government will ration your health care.

Page 91  lines 4-7  government  mandates linguistic appropriation services (translation illegal aliens).

Page 124 lines24-25 no company can sue government  on price fixing-no “judicial review” against  government monoply.

Page 127 lines 1-16 doctors/American  Medical  Association -the government will tell you what salary you can make.

Page 239  line 14-24  government will reduce   physcian services for Medicaid  Seniors (low income and the poor are effected.)

Page 272  sec1145:  Treatment for certain  cancer hospitals- cancer patients welcome to  rationing.

Page 341 lines3-9 the government has authority  to disqualify Medicare  Advance Plans., HMO’s, etc (forcing people into the government  plan).

Page 425 lines 4-12  government mandates “Advance Care  Planning  Consult ”  (think  seniors citizens  endof-life patients.)

Page 425  lines 22-25 , 426 lines 1-3 the government  provides an  “approved”  list of end of life resources, guiding you  in death, (also called ‘assisted suicide’)

Page 430  lines 11-15  the government will decide what level  of treatment you will have at end of life (again–no choice.

Tax payers, consider that the estimate for Obamacare if implementd is $1.76 trillion over ten years.

It is also advised,   it is estimated that ARP will realize  one ($) billion over the first ten years if Obamacare  is not  declared  void by the Supreme Court.  We now know why they were strong advocates for the bill.

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