Obama: “JPMorgan is one of the best-managed banks there is.”

Elizabeth Warren has gone on the warpath against JP Morgan calling for its CEO, Jamie Dimon, to resign from the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York http://www.masslive.com/politi…  Today, the Democratic Party of Massachusetts–apparently oblivious to the online searchable database at the Federal Election Commission–called on Scott Brown to disclose any fundraising ties to JP Morgan http://www.boston.com/Boston/p…

At the same time that Warren & Co are vilifying JP Morgan, Barack Obama is layering praise on the Wall Street institution and its CEO.  

Here’s what Barack Obama had to say about JP Morgan on “The View”:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/po…

“JPMorgan is one of the best-managed banks there is. Jamie Dimon, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got” the president said.

and later

“This is the best, or one of the best-managed banks. You could have a bank that isn’t as strong, isn’t as profitable making those same bets and we might have had to step in,” Obama said.  “That’s exactly why Wall Street reform’s so important.”

You would think that the Warren campaign would at least have checked in with the President before going after one of the “smartest bankers” in the United States of America.  Apparently not.


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