Michael Graham Asks Deval Patrick Why the Race Mongering?

You can take Deval Patrick out of the active profession of race mongering but you can’t take the race mongering out of Deval Patrick.  Yesterday Patrick again called his opponents racist.  Michael Graham has penned an open letter asking him why?

Dear Gov. Patrick,

Why do you keep calling us “racists?”

I am writing you this public letter because, well, because since early 2006 you’re declined every invitation to actually appear on my radio show for a face-to-face, on-air conversation.   You’ve never once had the courage to sit down with me and discuss your policies or politics or-and this is most troubling-your public statements.

At Tufts University Monday night, you called immigration policies with which you disagree “ham-fisted, self-defeating, and even racist.”  You compared the support for immigration law enforcement to “McCarthyism or Jim Crow.”

“Now, like then, the debate seems to be based more on emotion than reason, more on slogan than fact,” you said.

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