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The Obama perma-campaign has come up with a new slide deck / info graphic that describes a lifetime worth of goodies available for free from Obama.  In it, we get to watch the fictitious “Julia” get government handouts from cradle to grave.  

I think this may be the most eerie testament to the moderate leftist worldview that I’ve yet seen.  In the end, it comes off like a drug, like a pusher trying to hook kids into dependence.  Can’t you see all of the free stuff that you will NEED in order to survive throughout your life?  Come on, just a little taste, that sick feeling goes away in time.

Many commenters in the blogosphere and on twitter are excoriating and/or mocking this latest Obama gaffe, which as of this writing is still posted on barackobama.com.  With the gaffes coming fast and thick from high profile Dems, it really makes one wonder:  is it simply the honest exposition of the leftist worldview which constitutes an embarrassment?  They have worked so hard for years to conceal their true beliefs behind speech codes and sob stories, but when you get a clear view of it, it can be pretty damn ugly.  America, this aint.

I find an additional irony in the slides:  many of the programs touted therein are either mostly or utterly worthless.  For example the very first freebie, Headstart, has never been shown to do any long term good in any study, despite endless increases in funding.  

From the government’s own 2010 analysis:

However, the advantages children gained during their Head Start and age 4 yearsst yielded only a few statistically significant differences in outcomes at the end of 1 grade for the sample as a whole. Impacts at the end of kindergarten were scattered and are mentioned below only when they appear to be related to the 1st grade impacts.

Furthermore, much the Julia story is cynical fantasy which is contradicted by reality:

Her high school is part of the Race to the Top program, implemented by President Obama. Their new college- and career-ready standards mean Julia can take the classes she needs to do well.

I mean, are you frickin kidding me?  Since when did Dems and their teacher union allies ever make an inch of improvement for school kids?  Never, thats when.  (And that despite endlessly multiplying budgets and salaries.)  Or maybe when they finally got beat on the charter schools issue and had to stop blocking it everywhere?  Would that count?  Nothing illustrates the base corruption of the Democrats more than their alliance with teachers unions, the single most destructive force in American education:

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  1. Vote3rdpartynow

    I watched the slide show about Julia and her life under Barack Obama.  The first slide showed Julia at 3 years old and says “Under President Obama…blah, blah, blah” and the last slide showed Julia at 67 years old and says “Under President Obama….blah, blah, blah”

    So my question is ‘How long is this asshole planning to be President?”  

  2. Simple J. Malarkey

    …so more swing voters can hear you…






    YOU OPPOSE INCREASING INVESTMENT IN EDUCATION (and deny the truth that the states with the best test scores–Massachusetts, Maryland and Minnesota–are heavily unionized and states with the worst education systems have no unions.    

  3. Simple J. Malarkey

    …I hit “post” when Julia was only 42…but please do continue to loudly oppose these programs and don’t forget to defend the “job creators” and their special tax breaks.

  4. They have no problem cheating to hand the delegates to Romney supporters, therefore curbing enthusiasm among Republicans in both Massachusetts and nationally. Also, President Obama is sure to make note of the fact that Romney has such a problem garnering support that he had to resort to cheating to get his preferred delegates in his own state. Bravo, MassGOP.

  5. Vote3rdpartynow

    I find it interesting that Julia’s slide show ends at age 67.  I guess it is because after 67 Julia is a medical liability and as soon as her health fails the death panel will throw her head-first into a pine box and bury her.  I really think that would have been the most interesting slide of all….

  6. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    They should have added a “dude” sitting on the couch with a water bong and an xbox with the caption … “this is Jake – Jake is also on his parents insurance thanks to Obama, and while your premiums rise Jake is taking bong hits and figuring out how to stay in college for another year or two.”

  7. after she started taking her free Birth Control was interesting; and then, after she recieves the Government issued birth control, she has her own child (ok, that makes sense) ,and, without any mention of a male ever in her life?

    I sure have a lot to learn; what kind of birth control pills do they make nowadays?

    BTW, did I miss the Slide on the Obama provided food and housing that Romney will throw them out into the street and starve them Age?

  8. Simple J. Malarkey
  9. Vote3rdpartynow

    Obama forgot to add the part of Julia’s life where she lies about being a Native American in order to get a job at an elite University…

  10. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Good one Festus.  We’ll try not to confuse you with CVIM.

  11. Vote3rdpartynow

    Isn’t it rather sad that Obama and the Democrats have to create an imaginary war on women in order to salvage the last three years of stale, stagnant get-nothing-done-at-huge-price politics from the White House?  

    If Obama was successful he would be advertising his job creation, and economic success statistics.  But as we all know, you included, there is nothing to talk about when it comes to Obamanomics…

    Obama’s war-on-women campaign is like the Boston Bruins saying that the season was a failure because the other teams hate Boston…  No!  The Bruins couldn’t get the job done and that is why they are sitting at home tonight.  By the same token – Obama can’t get the job done and soon he will be sitting at home…

  12. Didja miss the government report?

    However, the advantages children gained during their Head Start and age 4 years yielded only a few statistically significant differences in outcomes at the end of 1st grade for the sample as a whole.

    When it comes down to it, whether or not a poor kid goes to HS, by the end of the 1st grade, nobody can tell the difference.  The problem us in the mentality of the home, not that the kids aren’t getting the pre-pre-school that inwould have to pay for for my child…free of charge.

    …..but it feeeeeeeeeeeels good…..so why not borrow $150 Billion from China and flush it.


    Loser:  it is unsurprising to find you dwelling in the land of sarcasm and cynicism, as this is well known as the domain of the liberal.  The domain of the weak.  

    Some day you may grow a backbone and go out and try and stake out an affirmative position of your own, but by then you’d probably have followed your cynicism full course to becoming a neocon, like so many of your ilk are ultimately forced to do.

    Casting aside the absurdities (i.e the majority) of your inverted argument, it seems clear that your outrage in ANYONE wanting to cut endless government handouts for whatever stuff you feel is worthy stems from a marxist worldview that I must insist you simply should NOT expect everyone to share.  Sure, you want to take someone else’s money and give it to some other theoretical person for something you feel good about, but maybe not everyone agrees. You arrogant “elite”.

  14. Simple J. Malarkey

    …you bring it up.  Thank you for your kindness.

  15. Right, it’s considered unnecessary and unwise to have a male in their life to have a baby. And even if they do choose to have a male in their life for companionship or recreational sex, all of the decisions about having a baby are entirely the woman’s, and the resulting baby is entirely the woman’s. This is called Reproductive Autonomy. Here this is from Marisa DeFranco’s Issues page:


    Reproductive Freedom, Equal Pay

    Without question or restriction. Anything less is insulting to women as autonomous human beings who can make their own decisions without 24-hour waiting periods, pictures and infantilizing lectures. If women cannot direct their own bodies, they cannot direct their own destinies. Period.

    I reject that idea, I don’t think reproduction decisions should ever be made by an individual, and they are not autonomous human beings. Reproduction should be restricted to marriage and should be 100% consensual and committed. I know a lot of what she’s complaining about here refers to restrictions on abortion, but trust me, they demand control of conception and reject marriage and sharing parenthood with men (except when they want him to “man up” and be “responsible”, but again that’s something they want to decide.)

  16. Simple J. Malarkey

    …I suspect you would put “Julia” to shame.

  17. Simple J. Malarkey

    …or maybe you want to confuse the subject and you just threw that out.  What a dishonorable liar.  BTW, you you going to send your child to private school…or are you going to make people like me (no kids) pay for your kid’s education?  

  18. Simple J. Malarkey

    …calling for changes in Head Start…I know you just want to cut out the program, some people want to fix it.

  19. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    The 150B number is what we borrow from China.  Head Start btw is roughly 8B

  20. the $150 billion is what we have spent on the miserable failure known as Head Start…..that even the government says is a failure.

    What I do with my children and their education is not of your concern.  Your ludicrous attempt to confuse the subject of the failure of Head Start to produce results by making some statement about my children is pathetic.

    BTW, I send my child to a private pre-pre-school paid for by….me.  I know, I I get her there on roads “the rest of you paid for”….right?

    This whole notion you’re following is pathetic.  BTW, I’ve paid property taxes my entire adult life…do you need a lesson in property taxes and how they’re spent?

    The best thing you’ve said in years……you have no kids.  Great for the gene pool.

  21. $millions more have gone to me.

    Just thinking of all the helicopter rides, equipment, uniforms, explosives, ammo, machine guns, grenades, flights, schools, leadership training, MREs, Dragon missiles……..

    The message here is that big fat lie that the big daddy gubmint will give you everything for your whole life….a lie that a known liar such as yourself buys into and passes around.

  22. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Yeah I went to St Mary’s in Danvers K-8  Bishop Fenwick in Peabody 9-12 … but yeah I do have trash collection service every Monday morning … so I guess this means I owe the “State” …

    I guess now Festus is going to lecture me on why I’m selfish for not wanting to pay for some chick’s birth control.  

  23. we borrowed $1.56 TRILLION….dunno how muh came from China.

  24. Simple J. Malarkey

    The Head Start Budget is $8.2 billion you are your typical dishonorable liar in saying it is $150 billion.    

  25. Simple J. Malarkey

    …I believe it’s called day care.  

  26. missed that one in your initial critique tho didn’t ya

  27. He said he’d close Gitmo too.   Here’s the big lie:

    “We’re not just going to put money into programs that don’t work”

    Yes, Mr President, you are just going to do that very thing.  Results don’t matter….the poor inner city vote matters.  Head Start as a whole entity…does not work….not just the obviously failing individual programs……NONE of them get lasting results.

  28. Rhetorical question.  You’re just a dishonorable liar attempting projection.

    We have spent $150 billion on Head Start and got ZERO return for the expenditure.  It is a failure.

    Did I say we spend $150 billion EACH YEAR? (a ludicrous notion)  Nope….you made that up in classic dishonorable fashion so you’d have nothing to say but yet another lie in the great heap of Festus.

  29. that some day cares are simple day care providers and others have structured education without being an official preschool…..your kid tells you this…right?

    I know….we just haven’t borrowed and pissed enough foreign money down the Head Start drain….an increase in funding would make it work…surely.

  30. …I’m still looking for my “special break”.

    You’re either an idiot, or a liar.

  31. Big Government is spending our Grandchildren’s money on Julia’s happy life!

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