I need some information about the state GOP and Mitt Romney…

What is the Massachusetts Republican Party planning for support for former Governor Mitt Romney in the upcoming election?  

I am looking to find a way to support Mitt Romney here in Massachusetts so I went to the Massachusetts Republican Party website. I visited the state GOP website and liked the links they offer to help us so we can call talk radio stations and another link so we can write letters to the editor, and I also encourage people to check out the Republican Party calendar to see what events we can take part in.  One state Republican Party website feature I especially like is the link showing legislation of outgoing Congressman John Tierney’s accomplishments in legislation.  (Sssshhhh, Tierney hasn’t been told he is outgoing yet – it is a surprise!) But specifically, I was wondering if there was anything ‘big’ planned in order to support our former Governor.  

I do not think we should let the election go by without organized and cohesive support as Romney very much represents this state.  He may not win Massachusetts, but then again he DID get elected Governor over a former Beacon Hill insider and Democrat party favorite.  That is no small accomplishment….  And on a personal note – wouldn’t it be fun as hell to pull out a win for Romney here in the Bluest of Blue states?  As a Republican, I know it’s easy to feel like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, but I would love to shove a GOP POTUS victory right down the throat of the local liberals.  Anybody with me?

I did check out Mitt’s campaign website and found this link to Massachusetts support,, but I thought local activists on RedMassGroup might have a better, more personal, touch for what things can be done to help Mitt.  Also, is RedMassGroup planning anything?  Maybe some kind of special blogging event that could help?  

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if there are plans for his support….

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  • Take the suggestions for supporting Scott Brown, and substitute the name ‘Mitt Romney’.  Then do those things.

    The letters are crucial – Democrats have us beat on this.  I know enough editors and reporters to feel confident in saying that They want to pretend to be fair.  We don’t bother to write, we’re so conditioned to thinking that it won’t get published.  If they get ten letters for Obama and two for Mitt, they’ll publish 4 and 1.  Most reporters are wicked liberal, but editors feel some obligation to present both sides.  Their vanity alone makes them strive to pretend to be fair and balanced.  But they can’t make bricks without straw, and if nobody writes they can’t publish.