How to Contain Health Care Costs: Secure Communities

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As lawmakers on Beacon Hill are wringing their hands over how to contain burgeoning health care costs, they’re getting a helping hand from an unexpected source:  immigration enforcement, in the form of Secure Communities.  This program was activated yesterday over the objections and obstruction of Gov. Patrick.  (For those who doesn’t watch Fox 25 News, Secure Communities enables ICE, the federal immigration enforcement agency, to screen the fingerprints of everyone arrested in order to locate deportable non-citizens and send them home.)

It’s already working on behalf of taxpayers.  Consider one of the first cases processed yesterday through Secure Communities.  The patrol officer pulls over a van, for a lane change violation and improper markings on the vehicle.  The driver is unlicensed and has only a Bank of America credit card and a Mass Health card for identification.  The vehicle is registered to someone else.  Upon booking, the driver’s fingerprints are sent to ICE via the existing criminal history screening process.  The fingerprint and immigration check together establish that this offender is using an alias and is here illegally.  His prints were on file because he had been arrested before, by the Border Patrol, for attempted illegal entry in Texas.  If at first you don’t succeed . . . .  ICE promptly put a hold on this offender, which is the first step toward removal.  

Thanks to Rep. Jim Lyons of Andover, we know that our state spent $93 million last year on health care for illegal aliens.  This does not include costs for the health care of the U.S. citizen children of illegal aliens, who qualify for full coverage in this and many other social welfare programs.  

As a result of the hard work of citizen activists, three sheriffs, a pair of intrepid investigative reporters, some state legislators, and others who prefer not to be named, we don’t have to wait for the governor, the health care industry, or the House and Senate leadership to impose cost controls – the savings started yesterday!  

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