Former Board member of firm Elizabeth Warren accused of “defrauding the public” endorses Warren

Today, on the eve of the Democratic Convention in Springfield Massachusetts, Deval Patrick endorsed Elizabeth Warren.  Writing in an email that, “Elizabeth Warren shares the values you and I care about, and I believe she will be a tremendous Senator for this Commonwealth.  I look forward to partnering with her as we continue our work to leave Massachusetts better and stronger for a generation to come.”

That is all well and good, except the record and values of Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren are at polar opposite odds to one another.  For the past decade, Warren has made her calling card fighting the so called “greed” of financial institutions.  Deval Patrick was a board member of an institution she accused of “defaruding the public”

Even with the company sinking in lawsuits over its predatory lending practices, Mr. Bush had a compelling reason to appoint the CEO of Ameriquest to the ambassadorial post: Mr. Arnall and his wife “contributed $5 million to a pro-Bush committee in 2003 and chipped in another $1 million for Bush’s second inauguration party.” Arnall, his wife and their companies “have been the biggest political contributors to Bush since 2002.”

Never let it be said that this president let little things like defrauding the public stand in the way of taking care of his friends.

Near the same time in a letter to the Senate Committee charged with approving the ambassadorship, Patrick had this to say.

“I always say the measure of a good company is not whether things always go well, but whether a company does the right thing when they don’t,” he said in letter to [Senator] Lugar and [Senator] Biden. “By that measure, ACC Capital and Ameriquest are good companies.”

Deval Patrick was a member of the board at ACC Capital Holdings over the time-frame Elizabeth Warren accused them of “defrauding the public”.  Let me rephrase Warren’s words.

Never let it be said that Elizabeth Warren let little things like defrauding the public get in the way of her political ambitions.  

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