Feds to activate Secure Communities, ignore Patrick’s and Warren’s hollow objections

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At the urging of sheriffs Joe McDonald, Tom Hodgson, and Lew Evangelides and Sen. Scott Brown, the federal government is set to institute the Secure Communities program in Massachusetts next week.  This is a huge victory for the law enforcement community and a blow to Obama allies Gov. Deval Patrick and Elizabeth Warren, who oppose the program.

The Globe reports:


Patrick announced his opposition to the program shortly after his reelection.  He has acted to punish sheriffs who supported the program, even going so far as to veto their budget appropriations.  Patrick recently decried state immigration laws as “racist.”  Patrick’s role as the national co-chair of the Obama re-election campaign was not enough to sway the administration to heed his objections.  

Warren announced her opposition to Secure Communities on her first day of campaigning.    

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