Down Comes the Axe has confirmed that the Romney Campaign will be invoking Rule 5.2 of the MassGOP “Plan for the Selection of Delegates” to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida by choosing to “not certify” delegates elected at last Saturdays caucuses  under the “Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate” banner.

Emails have been sent to Romney Slate Delegates, many of whom finished in 4th, 5th, and 6th place for one of three delegate slots, informing them that the Romney Campaign would challenge Liberty Slate Delegates, and to be prepared to serve as Delegates in their stead.

Further, RMG has learned that Allocation Committee member, and veteran State Committeewoman Nancy Luther has resigned her spot on the Allocation Committee, and been replaced by State Committee member Matthew Sisk.

Publisher’s note: Luther has resigned, Sisk has told Red Mass Group he will not be serving on the allocation committee.  

Most observers have interpreted this an effort to ensure that any non-certification of the Liberty Slate Delegates will be upheld by the Allocation Committee upon appeal.

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!

Full text of Rule 5.2 after the jump.  

5.2 “Certified delegate” shall be defined for the purposes of the Plan as having been certified as acceptable by a qualifying Presidential Candidate’s state committee, or such presidential candidate’s representative on the Allocation Committee, if any. If neither exists, then the delegate may be certified by the Allocation Committee. In the case of a protest or an appeal, the Allocation Committee’s ratification or reversal shall be final. An elected delegate shall not be denied certification by a qualifying Presidential Candidate’s state committee, or such presidential candidate’s representative on the Allocation Committee, if any, without just cause. Any such proposed denial of certification will not be effective unless upheld by a majority vote of the Allocation Committee.

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Paul R. Ferro is Senior Editor at The 9th registered user of, Paul has been with RMG from it’s inception. He’s also a former 4-term Marlborough City Councilor and currently serves as Chairman of the Marlborough Republican City Committee. You can follow him on twitter @PaulFerro

  • Once again, the MessGOP gives the grassroots clear reasons to NOT enroll, NOT support, NOT donate, nor vote R in Mass.

    Can’t win, so they ‘finess’, cheat, bribe, etc…

    Great way to win small battles, and lose the war…

    p.s. Wasn’t Sisk the guy who finally got booed at and shouted down at his caucus?

  • The MA-GOP / Romney Campaign made the mistake of not including a single conservative that won a State Committee that won a seat on March 6th.

    These people would have been loyal Romney Delegates. But by denying them a seat at table (by merely selecting 1 per district is an alternate or delegate), they ensured that the social conservatives that elected these good people, would not show up to vote for the Romney Slate.

    So the end result was the caucuses were overwhelmed by Ron Paul supporters and the Romney slated delegates got their clocks royally cleaned.

    Again this could have been avoided had the powers that be not been tone deaf. But no, they chose hubris over humility, confrontation rather than cooperation, alienation over acceptance.

    So now we have more hubris as the Romney campaign will disregard the results of lawfully held caucuses. And they wonder why the base of the party is not happy with the Romney campaign.  And I speak as someone who voted to endorse Romney in my RTC.

    This move will also prove to be unwise as whatever hope the Romney campaign had of winning over Ron Paul supporters come November will be severely damaged should they pull this stunt.

    I say all this as loyal Republican, who wants to see unity, who wants to work his but of for Romney and the entire GOP ticket. But trying to convince the base and the Paul people to support Romney got a whole lot more difficult.  People don’t like to be taken for granted. And Romney is better than the alternative only gets you so far.

    This could have been avoid, if MA-GOP chose the wisdom of Solomon instead of the foolhardiness of Rehoboam the son who succeeded him and whose stupid policies led to the division of Israel.  

  • AmberPaw

    1.  “Zoramite”

    2.  “Zoramite heresy”

    3.  “Rameumpton”

    What makes these grandly relevant is that in the Book of Mormon these are descriptions of a people so full of pride that the climb up stairs, stand above their fellows, and declare “Aren’t I wonderful because I am rich.  I am better than you.  Don’t you wish that you were like me”

    The Latter Day scriptures (AKA Mormon Scriptures) specifically warn against just this kind of behavior.  Y’all aren’t supposed to know about this stuff.  But I know.  

    Disclosure:  I am a Mormon who stopped going to church because of disagreement with the church’s involvement in anti-gay, and other political pomposities with my donated money.

    Gotta wonder what the Mittster would think to be called on the carpet for behaving like a Zoramite.    

  • edfactor

    It had to happen. You can’t have two stories in the Boston Globe in one week where one says that there will be a spotlight on our delegation at the convention because of our home-state nominee, and then another saying we’ve been invaded by Ron Paul supporters who don’t support that nominee. No. freaking. way.

    While this was the necessary thing in my opinion, there must be blame/accountability elsewhere for this fiasco. Anyone in “the establishment” who could have prevented this (i.e. gotten more actual Republicans to show up to vote) should be punished in some way. I know some people will say that these delegates being nominated was the punishment for a weak establishment. Fair enough – but it could become a national embarrassment at the convention for all Republicans, and we can’t give a talking point to the Democrats here. (I don’t want to see David Axelrod in the opposition war room in Tampa smiling and saying, “It doesn’t look like Mitt Romney even has the support of his own delegation…”)

    So this was tough medicine, but needed.

  • MerrimackMan

    But the delegate are pledged for Mitt Romney. I still don’t understand how then you can fill those delegates with people that don’t support Mitt Romney. It would be one thing if they supported a candidate that has since dropped out/released their delegates, but they support the only other candidate in the race!

    The Ron Paul folks tried every rule in the book to win delegates. These were the rules, and I hope everything going forward, as it has so far, is by the book, but you can’t now yell at the Romney folks for doing this. These are the rules!

    And I fully blame the MassGOP for this. The rules governing the selection of delegates to the National Convention are foolish. Why do we even have a primary, if the mandate given by hundreds of thousands of voters can be overturned by small groups of a few hundred rapid folks? I didn’t even know we had caucuses until the week before, and I couldn’t commit myself to an almost all-day process on a Saturday. It seems to me if Romney won a primary with many times over, more voters, he should get a say in who represents him. While some states in fact do follow the primary then caucus routine, I don’t really get the point, and it can only lead to abuse. Why can’t we be like NH where the candidate give a list of their delegates, or like PA/IL where the primary voters select the delegates themselves. That way, this sort of intraparty argument (which I am getting very tired of these) could never happen, and more Republicans are knowingly brought into the process!

    As a result, weeks after our important primary, in a race the national media has all declared but over, without any real notification to the working folks (not the little nerds that follow every party activity) that we even have caucuses, the caucuses can be bamboozled by a group of voters that don’t even support the primary winner. Yes, I know some of them have come around to Romney, great! I hope there is some way to weed them out from those who don’t, but these delegates are Romney’s. You cannot argue with that.

  • I’m glad I wasted time away from my family to spend 6 hours at a caucus that doesn’t matter who won the election for delegates and alternates.

    The Mass GOP establishment sets rules, then loses by their rules and then changes the rules.

    Classic small minded mentality, I’m taking my ball and going home if I can’t win.  

    Edfactor, this is tough medicine, what the hell does that mean?  You lose a fair election, you don’t like the results so you piss off a whole group of activists, who followed the rules?  To the victor goes the spoils but I guess our Republican party is just as bad to the Democrats crying that life isn’t fair, and they get their way anyways.

    I didn’t vote for the Liberty slate and I didn’t vote for the Romney slate, I went and voted for the people who made the best case for voting for them to be the delegates from my congressional district.

    We have control of nothing in this state, the Mass GOP establishment didn’t increase the numbers of GOP state house reps the local activists did.

    I was really impressed by the Liberty Slate folks organization I wish they ran the Mass GOP. Imagine what we could accomplish.

  • Well I did express that this was going to happen last Saturday as well.

    The key issue is that unlike other candidates or previous years, the Ron Paul campaign is making a deliberate attempt to undermine and steal the nomination by either having supporters abstain or downright vote for Paul on the first ballot, rules be damned.

    There are going to be a lot of people upset. In the end, it’s MASSGOP’s fault for piss poor planning on the caucuses in the first place that gets us to this point.

    That being said, it was inevitable that the Romney camp wasn’t going to get upstaged by those with loyalties to another candidate while supporters who actually worked to get him elected, campaigning through the winter months, sat at home while people who actively worked (and continued to work according to the Paul plan) to defeat him, went to Tampa.

    There will be collateral damage because of this though, I can guarantee it.

    Rob may even go off and found Gold Mass Group after this….

  • This whole thing leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.  It’s just like the time that the state party booted all of the delegates that were not sufficiently pro-abortion to suit Weld’s tastes.

    I’m glad I didn’t waste my time going to the caucuses.

    I am glad that I am no longer wasting my time with the MassGOP.  As MerrimackMan said, it only frustrates you further.


  • nomad943

    Just another reason I would never support this a*shat.

    Romeny and his clan have no clue what republicanism even is.

  • Kestrel

    So I wasted an entire day participating in the 6th District Caucus?  A few people at the top of the party will decide unilaterally who is qualified?  They have decided to ignore the results a democratic election process and disqualify the elected delegates?  Whether you are a Romney supporter or a Paul supporter this action should cause you great concern.  This is not the first time Romney has dictated to the grass roots – When he ran for Governor the grass roots wanted Jim Rappaport for Lt. Governor.  Instead, we were force accept Kerry Healey – who ended up to be a weak candidate for governor when Romney bailed to run for president.  This just proves that the Republican Party was taken over and run by the country club elites.  What this delegate election process demonstrates to me is that Romney’s position and strength is extremely weak and lacks serious grass roots support – and this little shenanigan he is pulling will only further erode support amongst the grass roots republican.  It now is apparent to me that unless Obama steps on it big time Romney may not win this election.  

  • Kestrel

    This is the end of the Republican Party in Mass  

  • Kestrel

    What is the definition of Just Cause

  • In 2008 they tried to decertify the Ron Paul people but the National GOP slapped them for it and gave the impression that if the state GOP did something like this again that they would not seat any MA delegates at the Convention.  Anyone know more about this?

  • That the Reagan Liberty delegates don’t owe Romney a thing.  I’ve talked to a handful of those delegates and those that I spoke with were all going to vote for Romney.  After this?  I say they should do what they want.

  • There were democratic elections. Candidates for delegates encouraged supporters to attend, made their pitches, and stood for election.  The people voted.  How dare the party officials overturn a fair vote by registered Republicans?

    I do not support Rep. Paul.  I did not vote for any of the liberty slate candidates.  I actually supported most of the Romney slate.  Now I hear that I wasted a Saturday, because the party presumed a vote for the Romney slate.  What is this, Hussein-era Iraq?  Venezuela?  I think the disenfranchisement of Republican voters will do long-term damage to the party organization and Romney.  

  • Anthony Ellis

    My name is Anthony Ellis, and I am a Republican voter from the 8th congressional district. I attended the caucus on April 28 and casted my vote for the Ronald Reagan Liberty Slate. Although the Romney delegates won in a close election, there are still nine provisional ballots which have yet to be counted. If those provisional ballots aren’t counted and the will of the people is denied by red tape, then that means that the MassGOP is a complete and utter joke which does not care about its members and their wishes. I demand that the provisional ballots in each and every district are counted, provided that the people who cast the votes in the caucuses were in fact registered Republicans by 2/15/12, and I demand that we are not disenfranchised. It is NOT my fault that Romney has such tepid support that he couldn’t even get out enough supporters to win the caucuses. Besides, the delegates are bound to Romney anyway! What is the problem?

    And the MassGOP wonders why only 1 out of 10 registered voters in this state are registered Republicans…maybe they should stop these tactics and stop disenfranchising people.

    Another thing: Obama is looking at what Romney is doing, to ensure that his friends go to Tampa rather than the people who were duly elected in a fair and honest caucus…if the GOP doesn’t want to deal with the fallout, I strongly suggest they stop cheating.

  • tommyrp12

    wow fraud real classy MASSGOP.


  • Anthony Ellis

    How else can you explain this blatant attempt to take away the results of an official and fair election? This is outrageous. I did not go to that caucus just to see the results reversed because MassGOP didn’t like them. And, why should they like or dislike them? They aren’t working with the Romney campaign…right? They aren’t supposed to be, anyway.

  • It does not help Romney for him to be seen as trying to purge a majority of his own democratically elected delegates in his own state.  I hope the campaign rethinks this.

  • Chan McCao

    There was no energy at all from the Romney supporters so we can at least breath some life into the process and hang our heads high when we cast our first votes for the White Messiah.

    Yes, there are talk about abstaining and such but that’s just stupidity because we learn more and more about the political process and come to respect it.  We’d rather lose and let that reflect badly on the status quo than win the way the establishment are doing.

    Plus we’re very independent so the overall rate of protest non-votes wouldn’t be significant, if any.

    We are mostly young and poor but we are committed to peaceful means of steering this ship toward its proper course so please open the provisional ballots and certify the delegates.  We are the conservative people of MA, probably the smartest state in the nation and we should do things that reflect that impression.  Face it, nobody wants the title of Charlie Webster of MA at all because we’re going to talk about it and we do talk a lot.  The list of GOP establishment executioners are long and growing.  Don’t add your name to the ranks of Eugene Dokes and Vincent Reda, etc.

  • Chan McCao

    It sounds odd that she reserved her judgment up to Primary day.  I think I like that.  ðŸ™‚

  • MaryB

    I was at the 3rd district. If GOP does this, they won’t survive court challenge. And I will never vote for Mittens EVER, even if Obama was Hitler in disguise! How could any person of integrity vote for someone who would so blatantly violate basic rules of our Republic!! Learn a lesson GOP! Embrace the army which is willing to fight for your principles or lose & become totally irrelevant in MA! BTW, I am one of those “regular” GOP people who embraces liberty over all else!! Thank God for the youth of our country, willing to fight the good fight!

  • NTanz

    I actually ran for delegate under the Liberty slate in district 8. I tried to play their game and appeal to them based on (what I thought) were our commonalities. As a veteran I ran on that, along with how we must oust Obama. I got the least amount of votes of all 6 delegates that were running for the 3 spots….. As a veteran and someone who considered himself classic republican, they cast me aside like a tool that was no longer useful.

    After they forcefully adjourned the caucus. I made it clear (yelled out) that they better be careful or their precious party will end up going the way of the Whigs.

    With that whole fiasco, along with this. The Republican party/GOP has now lost an ally and gained an enemy all at once.  

    This is why they are so weak here in “liberal” MA, despite the constant shenanigans of the democrats. They are digging their own grave with their corrupt totalitarian collectivist ways. And unless they pull a liberty rabbit out of their statist hat soon, I’ll be the one with the shovel on top filling that grave in with them still in it.

    Now you can look for me running against you hacks on the libertarian ticket, establishment. Or I’ll be watching you destroy yourself for far away. Peace!

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I’d just like to point out that the Soc Cons are totally minding their own business.  We’re just kinda hanging out, watching a little baseball on tv.  Not fighting with anyone … just acting chill.