Another Cherokee view of Elizabeth Warren’s claims to Cherokee ancestry.

I found this article written by a gentleman that supports Elizabeth Warren.  The site is Indian Country Today Media Network.

For the sake of full discolsure the gentleman admits this:

I contributed to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign before and after her opponent nominated her for inclusion, so feel free to consider these remarks biased for that reason……..I contributed because I believe Elizabeth Warren holds promise to be the most effective representative of the 99% to serve in Congress in my generation. But if she has traded on a fake Indian identity, I certainly would think less of her.

That aside he raises some very interesting points about Elizabeth Warren.  

A prominent Cherokee scholar, Dr. Richard Allen, points out that Warren’s ancestor was allegedly married to a white man in Tennessee at a time when such a marriage would have been prohibited by anti-miscegenation laws.

These anti-miscegenation laws made it illegal to marry outside one’s own race.  They were ‘thankfully’ struck down in 1967 by SCOTUS.

But the author continues:

The marriage application supposedly naming the Cherokee ancestor was made in Oklahoma in 1894. Oklahoma statehood was in 1907, but 1894 would have been during the height of the white intruder problem in the Cherokee Nation. The question becomes whether the application was filed in Oklahoma Territory or Indian Territory and, if the latter, which nation? At this writing, it appears that the application came from Logan County, Oklahoma Territory, nowhere near the Cherokee Nation.

However this resolves, Dr. Allen has been unable to find Warren’s ancestor on any Cherokee Rolls, so it would appear that the ancestor was not a citizen.

So for these two reason alone – it was illegal and Oklahoma was not a state, but rather a territory far from Cherokee land – the suggestion that Elizabeth Warren had Cherokee ancestors, and therefore a claim to Cherokee status is that much less likely than it was before.  

The article closes with this:

There’s no question Harvard has used Elizabeth Warren to hoist the flag of diversity. Harvard is flying a false flag and it’s reprehensible.

The question, to me, is whether Elizabeth Warren was a box checker, seeking personal advantage on the backs of people who lived their lives with the down side of being Indian? The answer is on her employment application. If she’s guilty, it’s some evidence of a character flaw and a tragedy for the 99%.

It must have been difficult for this man, Steve Russell, to write an article calling into question the integrity of someone he suuports.  I am glad to find he holds Harvard responsible for this tragedy to some degree.  Few reporting on this story have called Harvard’s role in all of this into question.  

Please read the article…

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