An Unforgiveable Act of Dishonor.

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Dear Friends,

To my dismay, I am hearing rumors that certain leaders within my very own Political Party are contemplating how to procedurally nullify a legitimate vote that occurred within our own party caucuses just a few short weeks ago.

Let me first remind members of our party that one of the most troubling aspects of the 2010 Jim McKenna write-in campaign for Attorney General was uncovering the fact the dozens of officials across the Commonwealth intentionally did not count and/ or literally threw out thousands of votes that were cast for McKenna.  All of the defendants are Democrats.   A suit is now pending in Court.

So my question is simple: Are we, as a Political Party and Americans, not better than this?

To think this is an attempt by Ron Paul to upset or embarrass Mitt Romney is naïve.  The issue has to do with the much larger macro issue not only facing our very own party… but the country itself.

The United States is on a path to internal disintegration, both morally and financially, caused by the rot of corruption, selfishness and the attack on the basic dignities of mankind…  Life… Liberty…  Personal  Responsibility.

I am a Republican.  A party born out of a time of discourse and division.  We are the party that kept this nation alive and together… who gave the power of the vote to women and blacks.  

We are a Party who believes in the dignity of man, the value of hard work and that the cornerstone of our nation are Individuals who take responsibility for their actions, their lives and their families.

We do not silence our critics… we do not deny them their rights.  We do not deny them their votes.

Liberty Slate Individuals such as Ron Crochetiere from Springfield and Brad Wyatt from Worcester have carried the Republican Banner longer than many of you have been alive.  They  love this country… They love Liberty.  They are Republicans and they earned the vote.

To try and take any delegate seats away from them would be an unforgiveable act of dishonor.  

Do the right thing… Honor the results of the caucus.


John Briare

Proud Mitt Romney Supporter and Contributor

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