Allocation committee meeting: Dozens of protestors, no final action

Last evening the Delegate Allocation Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party, headed by Edward McGrath, met in Marlboro Massachusetts.  The committee members were met by a phalanx of dozens of grassroots activists who were calling for what they described as “fairness” in the allocation process.  

The committee believes that they have no say in the provisional ballot matter under the rules, that the only person that has a say is general counsel Vincent DeVito.  It has been his ruling, and stressed by sources his ruling alone, that has caused provisional ballots to not be counted.  The members of the committee have thus far not challenged him on that ruling.  The committee held a hearing on Janet Leombruno’s challenge to the way the District 5 caucus was run.  

According to sources, the committee finished it’s business yesterday without voting on the challenge to District 5.  

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