Allocation committee meeting: Dozens of protestors, no final action

Last evening the Delegate Allocation Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party, headed by Edward McGrath, met in Marlboro Massachusetts.  The committee members were met by a phalanx of dozens of grassroots activists who were calling for what they described as “fairness” in the allocation process.  

The committee believes that they have no say in the provisional ballot matter under the rules, that the only person that has a say is general counsel Vincent DeVito.  It has been his ruling, and stressed by sources his ruling alone, that has caused provisional ballots to not be counted.  The members of the committee have thus far not challenged him on that ruling.  The committee held a hearing on Janet Leombruno’s challenge to the way the District 5 caucus was run.  

According to sources, the committee finished it’s business yesterday without voting on the challenge to District 5.  

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  • Sawx75
  • Michael

    (1) Rule 4.6 of the Massachusetts Republican Party Plan for the Selection of Delegates to the Tampa, FL 2012 National Convention states:

    Protests shall be heard and decided by the Allocation Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding, at a meeting at which the protesting and affected parties shall be given an opportunity to be heard.

    Chairman Ed McGrath knows about this rule. Nevertheless, he made it clear last night that no decision was going to be made on the district 5 caucus by the end of the meeting. He also said that the affected parties were not going to be heard again. So, postponing the decision to another meeting while not giving affected parties an opportunity to be heard at that meeting is a clear violation of the rule.

    I understand this sounds like a petty complaint. The point in raising it though is to show that the committee had no problem breaking this rule while pretending that Janet Leombruno’s objection (about a technicality that has no bearing on the outcome) is a serious issue worth throwing out the entire caucus and appointing their preferred delegates (which, according to rules Chairman Stephen Zykofsky, they do not have the authority to do).

    And remember, this minor screw-up was because the state committee can’t figure out how to run a caucus without breaking its own rules.

    (2) It’s probably not the best idea to give Attorney DeVito the authority to make a decision on the provisional ballots. He was elected as a delegate because he beat the fourth place finisher by 6 votes but there are 12 provisional ballots that have not been counted. Without speculating about his motives, the obvious conflict of interest he has in deciding the issue creates an appearance of impropriety that I imagine both he and the committee would want to avoid.  

  • MartyBo

    The Allocation Committee needs to count the provisional ballots.  Everyone was informed on camera at the caucus that the votes would be counted. I find it very strange that the Party would print these ballots and bring them to the caucus then claim “they are not in the rules.”  

    Also, the General Council Vincent Devito is a conflict of interest.  He directly benefits from his decision to not count the provisionals.  If they are counted he could lose his seat at the convention.  He needs to step down.

  • http://www.metrowestdailynews….

    The more I learn the worse it gets.  I no longer have any expectation that the party is being led by honest actors.  

  • He should have known to recuse himself when he had a direct conflict by being a candidate himself.

    The Allocation Chair should ask for a separate opinion as to the advisability of deVito being the sole arbiter in a matter he is personally involved in.

    At any rate, appeal should be made to the RNC counsel as well.  AFAIK, provisional ballots are NOT part of the RNC rules, and denying them would be proper – IF the MAGOP had not supplied them in contravention of the RNC bylaws.

    Request should be for a waiver to hold new special caucuses – at which EACH VOTER MUST BRING CERTIFICATION FROM LOCAL REGISTER TO VOTE, NOT SOME LIST – to affirm the elected slates, or create new ones due to MAGOP using unapproved voting process.

    Since Romney is now officially the nominee, having passed the delegate threshhold in TX, the notion of another name being placed in nomination is moot so the political sympathies of the elected delegates is no longer relevant.

    WERE they offered at all 9 caucuses?

  • Bob Dwyer

    State committee member Stephen Zykofsky interviewed at the end of this video.

    Steven was not happy with the procedure violations and seemed disgusted with his fellow state committee members for allowing Devito to be the end all “Decider”. This, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT how we build the Republican Party.