Accommodationist Greek Conservatives disappoint

Internationalist left beaten into third place by anti-bailout left party, but Antonis Samaras disappoints.

Once mighty PASOK looked set to be pushed into third place by the anti-bailout Left Coalition party, in a stunning vote against austerity policies that have caused deep hardship in one of Europe’s worst postwar recessions.

The projection had New Democracy on 19.2 percent, Left Coalition on 16.3 and PASOK on a humiliating 13.6. In the previous election in 2009 PASOK, won a landslide victory with 44 percent and the Left Coalition had 5 percent.

“I cannot take it any more, living as beggars in our own country. The Left Coalition can shake them up, and wake them up,” said Kate Savvidou, 65, a pensioner who deserted PASOK.

In another indication of the extent of public anger, the extreme right Golden Dawn party was shown taking an unprecedented 7 percent of the vote. This would allow such a party to enter parliament for the first time since the fall of a military dictatorship in 1974.…

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