10 missed clues that Elizabeth Warren was a Native American

1. Her campaign site said she wants to help the middle class keep the mortgages on their teepees.

2. She said she is tired of the ‘Chiefs’ in the 1%.

3. She told us she got her first job at the age of 9 papoose-sitting the child across the street.

4. Her business card says ‘Professor – Harvard Squaw School’.  

5. Her campaign Manager said she was ready to face the ‘slings and arrows’ of a race for Senate.

6. As a teenager she drove a MG, but she wanted a Mustang.

7. As head of the CFPB, she was going to get her family’s $24 back for Manhattan.

8. She said anyone that wouldn’t vote for her was a ‘Hopiphobe’.

9. It has been raining ever since she started dancing around the subject of her lineage.

10. Every time she enters a town hall style meeting she yells ‘Geronimo’.  

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