Will Elizabeth Warren be Comforting Deval Patrick’s Sub-Prime Victims in Lynn Tomorrow?

12:30…….U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren holds roundtable discussion with residents struggling with their mortgages or who have experienced foreclosures. She plans to discuss the proposed Buffett Rule ahead of next week’s Senate vote and “how a fairer tax system can help level the playing field for middle class families.”……Lynn Arts, 25 Exchange St., Lynn – State House News Schedule for 4/11/2012

Tomorrow, shortly after noon, Elizabeth Warren will continue her campaign for U.S. Senate by again comforting whom she calls the victims of the sub-prime mortgage industry.  She has at least once before used sub-prime “victims” as a backdrop for her campaign, in Jamaica Plain.

Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren came to JP on Tuesday and talked to folks whose homes are in foreclosure.

Warren, a Harvard Law professor and bankruptcy expert, listened to clients of the JP-based advocacy group City Life/Vida Urbana tell their stories at Ula Cafe.

Warren is the presumptive Democratic nominee to face incumbent Sen. Scott Brown, a Republican, in the fall election.

In this video clip she talks about how the financial crisis “started one lousy mortgage at a time.”

Warren has yet to answer questions about the leader of her party’s role in the sub-prime crisis.  Prior to being a candidate Warren said that she was upset with the Bush administration and the Senate for nominating and confirming the ACC CEO to an ambassadorship.  During the confirmation process Deval Patrick wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for that CEO.  

The press has an opportunity to find out from Elizabeth Warren what she thinks of Deval Patrick’s role at ACC Capital, and whether she thinks he’s been honest with the people of Massachusetts about his role.  

In City of Lynn, where Warren will be meeting with people whose homes have been foreclosed upon, 56 homes have been foreclosed on by ACC Capital or those assigned ACC Capital mortgages since January of 2007.  In 2012 alone there are four homes that have been foreclosed on with an ACC Capital originated mortgage.  Of those four three were granted mortgages while Deval Patrick was on the board.  Those homes are 12 Howard Street, 189 Marianna Street, and 47 Glenwood Street.  

It is a real possibility that Warren will be comforting people sold “one bad loan at a time” by Deval Patrick tomorrow morning.  

Deval Patrick has not been truthful with the people of Massachusetts regarding his role at ACC Capital, and within the past six months he defended sub-prime loans as necessary to allow certain people to get mortgages.  It’s time for Elizabeth Warren to say definitively whether or not Deval Patrick, the leader of her party, should be trusted when he talks about his role.

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