The RMV funds go to MBTA

(Vital safety inspection, or revenue stream? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the fiscal problems of the MBTA lately.  They were in the news with public hearings and discussions of service cuts and fare hikes.

So Beacon Hill at the 11th hour comes in with a plan to bail out the MBTA which includes….wait for it….$55 Millon from the state vehicle inspection fund.

So the the RMV has raked in a surplus of $60 Million dollars.  While that’s nice for the MBTA, it does beg the question “Why is the RMV inspection fund sitting on $60 Million?”.  The purpose of a vehicle inspection is to ensure that everyone who registers a vehicle in MA has a roadworthy vehicle….roadworthy including exhaust emissions.

If the RMV vehicle inspection fund is showing a cool profit of $60 Million it seems it may be worth considering 1) Lowering the fee 2) Returning any surplus back to the cities and towns 3) Or….crazy idea….REBATE to drivers!

Once again this state treats its citizens as a revenue stream.

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