Tax Day Liberal Acid Test: Did you pay optional 5.85% rate?

As we speak, Democrats, at the federal and local levels are all about raising taxes. Well, we have a whole lot of well-off people in this state, and we do have something unique here:

The Optional 5.85% Income Tax Rate (Link here.)

So, my Democratic friends and neighbors – since your leaders all say the well-off would pay more “if asked” and since our state officials say we have “a revenue problem”…

Did you pay the higher rate? YES or NO?

Of course, you didn’t. Very, very few people do that.

What I want to know is this: what exactly goes through your liberal brain at the exact moment when Turbo Tax says:

“Would you like to pay the optional 5.85% on your income? (most people say ‘no’ here)”

(I love how the “help text” says that people don’t do this!!! 🙂)

You don’t have to tell me in the comments that you didn’t – I know you didn’t. I just wanted to plant this little thought in your mind next time you tell people you believe in higher taxes:

What you really want is for someone else to pay more.

For my Republican friends: Ask if people paid the optional rate in your Facebook feed, on Twitter, and in person to all your Democratic friends. (And someone ask Professor Warren – get Scott Brown’s people on this issue as she loves to talk about raising taxes on people like her!) This is a once-a-year opportunity to make it clear that nobody, even the liberals who claim to, want to pay higher income taxes.

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