Scott Brown pushes for more good tax legislation

Did you know that there are 98,000 federal workers that owe a combined $1 billion in delinquent back taxes.

Many of these federal workers are members of Congress or part of their staff.  The very people making laws about federal taxes are not paying them.  Step forward US Senator Scott Brown.  

Senator Scott Brown has proposed legislation that would require members of Congress and federal employees who file disclosure statements reporting their incomes to also report any delinquent taxes owed, and further to make arrangements to pay them in full.  

Once again, this is good, reasonable, balanced legislation put forth by a level headed US Senator.  No drama!  No class warfare!  No us vs them scenarios!  No vitriolic rhetoric!  Nope, just good legislation by a very good Senator.  

Why is it that Scott Brown seems to find simple ways to make government better, when so many file angry divisive legislation that make it worse.  EVERYBODY can agree that this legislation is good stuff.  Everyone, especially federal workers, need to pay their taxes.  We can have reasonable debate about whether taxes are too high, too low or just right, but for now Senator Scott Brown wants everyone to pay what they owe.

This is why Scott Brown needs to return to further his cause of bringing common sense back to Washington.  Good job Scott Brown….

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