Sample/Specimen Ballot posed outside polling places for voters

a) The Sample/Specimen Ballot posted outside the polling place for voters.

Why is the Elections Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts so difficult to get the Sample/Specimen ballot poster from by email before voting?… in case local elections commissions haven’t made the Sample/Specimen Ballot poster available by email or online, on the web.

b) Printer of Ballots

Could the Printer of Ballots email the Sample/Specimen Ballot poster on request for any voters interested in seeing the Sample/Specimen Ballot poster before going to vote? It’s 2012, it shouldn’t be necessary to make a trip to see a Sample/Specimen Ballot poster that could be make available by email or online, on the web in advance of the day for voting

Printer of Ballots

Peter Anton tel 978 904-3100 x113


panton at

c) Website. Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Could the Massachusetts Division of Elections provide easier to navigate website information?

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League of Women Voters


A better Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a better administrative organization for the Secretary’s Election Division

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