Mia Love for Congress


I thought I would share on a race outside of Massachusetts that I have been following quite closely.  Yesterday, the Republican Party nominated Mia Love for Congress in Utah’s 4th Congressional District.  Mia will face six term Democratic incumbent Jim Matheson.  

This is a district that McCain carried by a 3-1 margin in 2008.  Yes, that’s right, three to one.

Here is Mia’s facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/miablove

Mia is a dedicated conservative and sure to shake things up in Washington.

In our household, in addition to giving locally, we adopt a race outside of Massachusetts every election cycle.  In 2012, we are adopting Utah’s 4th by sending Mia’s campaign a check.  

Take a look at her website.  You may want to adopt Mia Love for 2012 as well.


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