Marlborough Republican City Committee Cleared by Office of Campaign Finance

There is no reason to believe that either [Marlborough Republican City Committe or MIPAC] violated the campaign finance law.  If an individual gives $5,000 in the aggregate to state and local political committees organized on behalf of a politicla party and also gives $500 to a PAC that supports some of the same candidates supported by the party committee, the campaign finance law does not prohibit the making of such contributions.  Such contributions are permitted notwithstanding the fact that contributors might also have made their own contributions to candidates supported by the party or the PAC.  In addition, a local party committee may make contributions to candidates outside of the municipality in which the committee is organized. – Office of Campaign and Political Finance – March 28, 2012 Letter to the Marlborough Republican City Committee

No matter how many times the Massachsuetts Democratic Party whined about the Marlborough City Committee, one thing was always true.  What the committee did was absolutely 100% legal.  It is in fact something this blogger has been encouraging local candidates to do for a while, that is use a local and town committee as an adjunct fundraising committee.  

This has always been about the Democratic machine looking for a way to stop an effective means of campaign financing of Republican candidates, and not about whether it was legal or not.  Walsh and his sidekick Kevin Franck, thought they could intimidate the Marlborough Republican City Committee into not participating in electoral politics state-wide.  What they didn’t count on was running into Paul Ferro.  Who doesn’t back down.

Now that we are past this humorous charade, it’s time to more closely look at how the Democrats candidates get funded.  Look for more of that in the upcoming few days.  

As a start, perhaps Walsh and Franck could call Steve May, and tell him he shouldn’t be using his campaign account to fund his drive-thru habit.

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Full Disclosure: I provide printing services in my professional capacity to the Marlborough Republican City Committee

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