List of E-Verify Companies in Mass

An immigration bar journal has published a list of all companies that are using E-Verify to check the immigration status of newly hired workers.  They have published it as an Excel spreadsheet that is searchable by state, town, and other variables.  It’s easy to look up which companies are enrolled in this effective program that reduces illegal hiring.  

Here’s the web site:…  Just click on the third list, which includes Massachusetts employers.  

There are now 3,761 employers in the Commonwealth who are participating in E-Verify, most of them voluntarily.  

I found that four towns are verifying their workers:  Bellingham, Dennis, Holliston, and Nahant.  One town, Groveland, is verifying their fire department workers.  That’s not very many!  Of course, they also should be requiring their contractors to verify that the people they hire with public funds are authorized to work.  

I found just a few state employers:  Massasoit Community College, Mass. Dept. of Transportation, Mass. Bay Commuter Rail, and the Dept. of Education.  Didn’t see the Governor’s Office listed!

Nor did I find MIRA, Centro Presente, or the ACLU.   I also checked for Conti’s Liquors in Framingham, where Uncle Omar Obama works, but apparently they don’t verify either.  

Because the Obama Administration has pretty much suspended immigration law enforcement, except for people who are convicted of serious crimes, it is critical that local governments and activists promote the use of this important tool that really does help prevent illegal hiring.  

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