Ken Pittman Fired from WBSM (1420 AM) in Fairhaven, MA

I was sorry to hear about the departure of Republican talk show host, Ken Pittman from WBSM in Fairhaven, MA (1420 AM). Ken’s audience consisted of a  small but vibrant  political constituency in the greater New Bedford area and his presence will be missed  on the local scene.

The decision to remove Ken from the stations lineup was apparently a business decisions made by the corporate ownership to make room for a new syndicated program hosted by former Arkansas Governor and 2008 GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who will in all likely hood fill a need for the views of true social conservatives and evangelical Christians, which have been absent from the region for as long as I can remember.

Ken and I had our differences during the 2010 Republican primary campaign on various Massachusetts political blogs in which his comments could be quite cutting and insulting at times as is quite typical of the rhetoric commonly used in the blogosphere, which I must admit I sometimes fall into myself, yet his demeanor on his radio show always seemed much more cordial to me.

Of course there were times when he held   the feet of his debate opponents to the fire in a way in which Democrats are not use to on the Massachusetts South Coast as he did to Congressman Barney Frank and many local politicians and liberal media personnel on more than one occasion.

Yesterday the phone lines were abuzz on WBSM with furious callers outraged that an accomodation could not have been made to keep Ken in the stations lineup as apparently was made for the rest of their staff. Many felt that there was more to the story than the station’s management was admitting. City Councillor Brian Gomes, himself a victim of Pittman’s critical attacks over the years cited that his show filled a need for coverage of topics with a local flavor and remarked on the station’s history of providing local talk shows, which is true.

In fact, the first radio talk show I ever heard was “Openline” hosted by Hal Peterson in the 1950’s and I’ve enjoyed that format ever since. It’s a shame Ken has to leave but we wish him the best in his future endeavors

If you’d like to express your opinion to the management of WBSM about their decision to remove Ken Pittman from the station’s lineup of broadcasters, you may call them on the business line at (508)993-1767 or on the “Openline” at (508)996-0500

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