Greater Boston Tea Party – For Immediate Release 4.11.12

((Sunday Bumped) Why can’t any of these loons just create their own organizations without having to steal the “Tea-Party” mantra, which for four years now, in the Boston area, has been the “Greater Boston Tea Party” (GBTP) well-recongnized by both local and national media.  “40” organizations?  One guy with Letterhead isn’t an organization! – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Boston April 11, 2012 —In keeping with the Greater Boston Tea Party’s tradition of welcoming all that want to preserve our Constitutional freedoms, we will be neither endorsing nor attending the rally on the Boston Common scheduled for Sunday, April 15, 2012. In fact, we encourage tea party activists to avoid the event. Sponsored by an unfamiliar “Mass Tea Party Coalition”, the lack of communication and collaboration with established tea party organizations concerns us that this is an organization bent on damaging the good name of the tea party movement.

For nearly three years, Greater Boston Tea Party has been strongly focused on the serious fiscal issues facing the Commonwealth and this country. Our organization does not take positions on social issues, such as gay marriage or abortion. While these issues are important to many people, including some of our members, they do not apply to our mission of advocating for personal responsibility and individual Liberty.

The Mass Tea Party Coalition has a radically different view on tea party activism. Their main focus appears to be the above social issues, as evidenced by the speakers they have chosen for their rally, including two well known anti-gay activists. The coalition claims to represent 40 groups but there is little evidence of this being accurate. We know of at least one legitimate Tea Party group that has asked repeatedly to be removed from the “coalition”, but to no avail. Their unprofessional behavior and unwillingness to communicate with other established tea party organizations are distressing but to be expected as part of political activism.

“We are fortunate that the majority of the independent tea party organizations in Massachusetts have agreed to come together and share our collective message of preserving the Constitution and the principles of good governance therein”, said Christine Morabito, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party. “On April 15, the Greater Boston Tea Party is proud to be joining with the Worcester County Tea Parties for their 4th annual Tax Day Rally. The Worcester group has proven to be an earnest, honorable grass-roots organization, and does a fine job of representing the conservative center of the state.”

Greater Boston Tea Party volunteers will assist in the event Sunday, April 15, 2012 at Lincoln Square, Worcester. They will also sponsor a booth where attendees can meet and speak to columnist Aaron Goldstein as well as receive a free copy of the United States Constitution.

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