Great Moments in Higher Education: BU Hazing Incident

More evidence that an elite college degree just isn’t worth the $50,000 a year price tag:…

Boston University fraternity investigated after men found bound, covered in condiments

Police found the students in the basement of Alpha Epsilon Pi Monday night after they were called to the fraternity’s house for a noise complaint.

The five men were taped together and covered with flour, coffee grinds, fish sauce, chili sauce, honey, hot sauce, mustard, and empty sardine cans. They were wearing only underwear and were also bound at the wrist with duct tape.

The men also had welts on their backs and their heads had been possibly shaved.

Back in the days in which institutions of higher education acted in loco parentis (meaning, “in place of a parent”), these young men could count on a stern talking to by a campus authority figure, like a Dean.  It would go something like “Son … bound, beaten and covered with condiments is no way to go through life …”  

Unfortunately, since the 1960’s, our institutions of higher education have abandoned any pretense of forming individuals with upstanding character (by the measure of most middle Americans) and have fed students a pablum of anything goes, libertine, any family or middle class values.  The BU incident is merely the most recent manifestation of the debased culture of higher education.  

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