Gov. Cellucci: Dean Cavaretta for State Senate

April 2012

Dear Friend:

During my tenure as Governor of Massachusetts I had to make many important decisions. I am writing now to ask that you join with me by making another important decision for our Commonwealth.

Throughout my years of public service our Commonwealth enjoyed tremendous triumphs, which included the landmark Education Reform Act, creation of tens of thousands of jobs and a reduction in the state’s income tax rate.

Indeed, my Administration was able to get Massachusetts moving in the right direction and as a result our state enjoyed many years of prosperity and success that are now a distant memory for too many of our fellow citizens. But, our accomplishments came as a result of intense cooperation, compromise and consensus building among all branches of MA government.

Although we had differences, we were able to work with legislators to build consensus and come to agreement on many contentious issues.

Now, as our state is facing high unemployment, an increased tax burden and a dismantling of our educational gains, we need leaders that understand the importance of consensus building.

That is why I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Dean Cavaretta for State Senate.

As our next State Senator, Dean has the temperament, work ethic and skill set we need to get Massachusetts moving in the right direction once again.

Dean has what it takes to be a great State Senator. His commitment to public education, his pledge to keep taxes low and his jobs plan will help get MetroWest and Assabet Valley working again. These are all important issues that Dean is on the right side of.

Dean Cavaretta is putting education and the economy first. Can you join with me today in support of his candidacy?  

You can volunteer or donate online by visiting and

Or, please make checks payable to:

The Cavaretta Committee

Post Office Box 136

Stow, MA 01775

We are facing some important decisions this November and it is just as important that we elect leaders that have the right priorities for Middlesex and Worcester, our state and, most importantly, our people.

Please join with me and help Dean Cavaretta for State Senate. Dean has my backing and I hope that you can take action and support him during this important election.


Argeo Paul Cellucci

Governor of the Commonwealth


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  • edfactor

    Dean – (I am using your first name as we met at the Scott Brown Christmas party)

    I have heard from mutual friends that you are reaching out to others to find good reform-based solutions for our state government. Excellent!

    I really want to see you go after the lazy Senator Eldgrige on policy. There is so much that could be done. I hope you not only build on your expertise in education and transportation, but that you work with the experts to get credible proposals for other areas of state government. Democrats in this state are used to dismissing Republican challengers who just yell and pander to the activists in the MassGOP that know nothing about policy. Democrats are unprepared to have a real debate on policy. If you study hard and do some debate prep, you could really expose the incumbent senator as being unworthy of a time that demands reform.

    I can help you if you want. While I am known as a “tech guy”* I am actually an expert in argumentation as well. If you want, we can go to the Union Oyster House one night, sit under the painting of Daniel Webster, get really drunk and inspired, and do some debate prep.  😉

    * And yes, your website still needs some love.