For Steve Aylward for SC Vice Chair (for technology progress!)

(Ed chimes in… – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

In the name of getting our state committee to update its out-of-date technology (and inspire RTCs to do the same) I am writing today to support Steve Aylward for Vice Chair.

Everyone is in favor of doing more with technology, and everyone agrees that the SC is way behind, but no one does anything about it. Chairman Maginn has a background in software, so we have someone at the top who is, at a minimum, not going to stand in the way of updating party technology, even though I am certain he will fully support that.

However, he has many duties unrelated to technology, and someone on the state committee must actually make this happen. This is, in my opinion, the most important thing the SC can do. It will make it much easier to accomplish everything else the party needs to do (raise money, coordinate across RTCs and campaigns, improve registration, and more). As new technology is incredibly cheap, this is just a question of willpower and leadership.

I recently had dinner with Steve Aylward, and he totally “gets it”. I have heard other, long-time SC members tell me that the membership is so tech-averse, that it just isn’t possible to do much. I think that Steve, like other new SC members I have spoken to, knows that this is no longer a nice-to-have thing, but an essential thing.

I believe that, as Vice Chair, Steve would make this a top priority and no longer accept the excuses of the past. The SC, to be effective, must change, and I believe Steve can really help here.

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  • What sort of technology are we talking about, improvements to Voter Vault, or trying to do more with social media and outreach?  Just curious what Steve is talking about.  

  • edfactor

    One thing I wanted to add here: there is much division and derision among the SC about ideology and who is responsible for the weakness of the party.

    I have found that the only thing that the “establishment” and the Tea Party and MARA people agree upon is that the party doesn’t function properly. (It has deficiencies in its ability to organize, run campaigns, target voters, and get messaging out effectively)

    For instance, the night that Chairman Maginn was elected, I had a drink with some of the MARA people at the bar upstairs from the election, and we had a useful discussion on what kinds of infrastructure the party needed. Even in their disappointment about Frank losing, many agreed that the dysfunction of the party was actually worse than their problems with the party ideology. They seemed willing to entertain the idea of helping with infrastructure that would help everyone.

    Steve has been VP of MARA, yet he is also willing to work with others who don’t agree with him. A big infrastructure focus could involve people from different factions in a very constructive cause that will help everyone in the party. I can’t think of a lot of other things that would do that so well.

  • At the last state committee meeting, Chairman Maginn introduced his tech roll-out.  Rob Willington has returned and will be providing template web sites and networking to the newly organized RTC’s and SC members.  In fact, Rob was videotaping greeting messages from the SC members to go on the web site so people could find ‘their’ SC person.

    IF this is Aylward’s only reason for running, there are already strategies and technology ongoing.

  • Setting all other issues aside, if EdFactor says that Steve Aylward is the man for getting the state party up to speed on technology THAT is good enough for me.

    As and aside: I have been trying for days to post an event on the State Committee’s Website to no avail.

  • Technology starts with the leadership of the MA GOP and their commitment to see that we have technology and information available to help us and our candidates be successful.  This starts with having a that is up to date and useful.  Unfortunately, despite all the well sounding and well meaning words, we still do not appear to have any willingness to keep the information on the site, even the most mundane information, up to date.

    A great example is the results from Thursday’s elections for the executive leadership of MA GOP. has a nice letter on the election of Kerry Healy as National Committeewoman, but the Executive Committee listing… still lists Jody Dow as the National Committeewoman.  Worse yet, the Executive Committee still lists Ms. Cynthia Stead as the Mass GOP Secretary despite her election defeat in March.

    Ed has some great ideas on technology that deserve consideration and implementation, but if the leadership responsible for updating the information cannot keep the information up-to-date we will all go elsewhere limiting the effectiveness of the site.

    Please SC establish a special committee to get working on this now and add Ed to the special committee.

  • The great thing about Steve, is his motivation to do the right thing. It’s not just about winning a position.

    I’ve known him for 10 year and he has more integrity in his pinky finger than many people have in their entire body.

    Steve will continue to strive to improve the technology and use of data in the party in spite of the fact he failed to become Vice Chair.

    We have some ELECTIONS, emphasis on the plural, to win. We need to defeat Barack Obama, we need to re-elect Scott Brown. But we also some people to send to Congress. And lots of people to re-elect and elect to the Massachusetts Legislature.  

    Next year, we need to elect some Mayors, Selectman, School Committee Members and yes some bloody Republican Dog Catchers.

    To do that, we need to enter the 21st Century. We can’t be using data that’s a decade old.

    Just as importantly we need to get campaigns cooperating with one another. Combining resources, sharing data, and working to help each other win should be common place among Republican candidates.

    And finally we’ve got to stop thinking like losers or thinking we need to be anything but Republicans to win in this State.