Elizabeth Warren: “Whose side do you stand on?”

(It’s pretty simple Elizabeth Warren stands for division, Scott Brown stands for inclusion.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

It was subtle, very subtle indeed.  Once again Elizabeth Warren used those very subtle words “Whose side do you stand on?”.  She did it this morning on the 100th birthday of Fenway Park, when most baseball fans are thinking fondly of the great history of our beloved park.  

Asked to explain why she might be a better pick than Scott Brown for the US Senate seat Brown now holds, she responded:

Speaking on the field in a red windbreaker, Warren offered why she was a better pick for the seat than Brown. “I think this is about whose side you stand on!

In Elizabeth Warren’s world there are two sides and you are on one side or the other – you can’t be on both.  It’s subtle alright, but it clearly is the language of divisiveness.  Its ‘Us or Them’ or maybe its the ‘99% vs the 1%’, or maybe its the ‘Richest among us vs the middle class’.  In Elizabeth Warren’s world there is no overlap, no working together, no diplomacy, no unity – only division.  And if you are not on her side then you must be wrong!

US Senator Scott Brown has taken a decidely different road in his political life – a road where everyone can travel – together.  It was even apparant in his response to Warren at Fenway Park: (Regarding finance reform in Capital Hill)

“The only reason that we’re getting things done is because I’m there and we’re working hard across the aisle finding people of goodwill to solve problems,” he said.

Today was not the first time Elizabeth Warren used that phrase.  No, indeed she uses it almost everywhere she goes.  She used it in her argument about birth control, and about working families, and about job creation, and about financial reform.  In fact, everything Elizabeth Warren talks about during this election seemingly has 2 sides and you will be asked to stand on one side or the other.  You can not stand with someone who disagrees and work out a solution.  Nope!  you have to chose sides and dig in your heels and fight against your neighbors, your siblings, your employers, your government, your coworkers, your church and whomever else you disagree with in life.  

Isn’t this part of the ugliness of politics today?  Congress has perhaps the lowest favorability polling in history and for good reason – they can’t seem to play together nicely in the sandbox.  Scott Brown wants to go back to Washington to continue his work as a US Senator that is going to find good, common-sense agreement on how to make government better, fairer, dare I say ‘more favorable’.  It seems from her divisive language and harsh rhetoric that Elizabeth Warren wants to go to Washington to see who is standing on her side. The other side can stay away – your ideas are not welcome!

I predict that Elizabeth Warren will continue this slogan ‘Whose side do you stand on?’ because it rallies her base.  It ties in perfectly with Obama’s class warfare campaign.  It divides people into groups of manageable voters.  Us versus them.  Me vs You.  

Isn’t it time to stop the splintering of voters into groups and pitting them against each other like desperate children in ‘The Hunger Games’?  This nation needs someone in Washington that can unite Americans and work hard to forge progress.  Someone that can make us proud again of who we are and what we can accomplish.  We don’t need more of this hate and hostility toward people that see the world a little differently.  Stand with Scott Brown.

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