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The first human egg cells that have been grown entirely in the laboratory from stem cells could be fertilised later this year in a development that will revolutionise fertility treatment and might even lead to a reversal of the menopause in older women.

Scientists are about to request a licence from the UK fertility watchdog to fertilise the eggs as part of a series of tests to generate an unlimited supply of human eggs, a breakthrough that could help infertile women to have babies as well as making women as fertile in later life as men.

Producing human eggs from stem cells would also open up the possibility of replenishing the ovaries of older women so that they do not suffer the age-related health problems associated with the menopause, from osteoporosis to heart disease.

Some scientists are even suggesting the possibility of producing an “elixir of youth” for women, where the menopause is eradicated and older women will retain the health they enjoyed when younger.

Researchers at Edinburgh University are working with a team from Harvard Medical School in Boston to be the first in the world to produce mature human eggs from stem cells isolated from human ovarian tissue.

Until now, it has only been possible to isolate a relatively small number of mature human egg cells directly from the ovaries of women who have been stimulated with hormones. This technical limitation has led to an acute shortage of human eggs, or “oocycts”, for IVF treatment as well as scientific research.

The scientists want to fertilise the laboratory-grown egg cells with human sperm to prove that they are viable. Any resulting embryos will be studied for up to 14 days – the legal limit – to see if they are normal.

These early embryos will not be transplanted into a woman’s womb because they will be deemed experimental material, but will either be frozen or allowed to perish.

Creating eggs from ovarian stem cells of menopausal women is a completely different ethical issue from the genetic engineering and same-sex conception I am trying to get prohibited, and it is noteworthy that this article (unlike their story five years ago) did not even raise the possibility of getting viable sperm from these “stem cells,” which are really just not-fully-developed egg cells found in a woman’s ovary. Even if they were pluripotent adult stem cells like found in bone marrow, they’d still be a woman’s stem cells, and imprinted with female genomic imprinting.

So, the crucial difference is that it is a form  of medicine, it restores or maintains the ability of an individual woman to do what she could do if or when she were at her healthiest, just like a hip replacement does. It is not Transhumanism. It does not alter the genetics to make a designer baby that could not possibly be conceived naturally if the parents still had their full health, it does not attempt to enable people to reproduce as if they were born the other sex. And this would NOT be prohibited by the language of the Egg and Sperm law as I have been proposing it. That said, there are still major ethical concerns with this, starting from the need to experiment with human embryos to be destroyed at 14 days, and getting into questions of public policy regarding enabling motherhood late in life, which has additional risks and high costs and is not medically necessary for the mother, and there may be complications that are not found until after birth.

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