Denise Andrews: Want to co-sponsor my amendment? Call a lobbyist.

Sausage making can be an enlightening thing.  Watching it get made is sometimes enlightening.  Take for example the case of State Representative Denise Andrews (D-Orange).  She sent out an email this morning to her colleagues asking for them to co-sponsor an amendment to the budget.  Instead of asking people to contact here staff to co-sponsor the amendment, she asked people to contact a lobbyist.  

Dear Colleagues,

MassHealth Outreach & Access to Care Grants support consumer-focused organizations and community health centers to help Massachusetts residents enroll in and retain coverage, navigate the health care system, and connect with providers.  In 2011, MassHealth Outreach grants enabled 51 community organizations to assist over 272,000 individuals in communities across the Commonwealth.  Funding for this program ended in December 2011, and since then many community organizations have been forced to lay off workers, reduce services, or even shut down.

Please support my amendment to fund the MassHealth Outreach & Access to Care Grant Program at $2.5 million in the FY13 budget.

To co-sponsor this amendment, contact Suzanne Curry at Health Care For All: (617) 275-2977 or by NOON on Friday, April 13.

Thank you.

Denise Andrews

State Representative

Second Franklin District

Athol, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Orange and Warwick

State House – Room 443

Boston, MA  02133

Phone: (617) 722-2460

Fax: (617) 626-0378

You may remember this is the same Denise Andrews that was holding down a 50 hour a week second job with a pharmaceutical company.  A pharmaceutical company that no doubt would benefit from expanded health care coverage.  

It’s amazing to see that lobbyists have so ingrained themselves into the law making process in Massachusetts that a State Representative thinks it’s OK to outsource her staff’s job to them.

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