Boston Food deserts vs Walmart

(East Boston is a Food Desert Island.  The only thing there is Shaws, and man there is nothing “low cost” about the union labor that drives up food prices at Shaws. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I didn’t know we had food deserts in this country.  A food desert is a place with low income people who have no access to affordable food of good quality.  I would have thought that as one of the greatest food producing nations on earth that we would have all kinds of access to low cost food.  But I guess not.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama has been on a crusade to fight food deserts, of which we have a few in the Boston area.  It is also part of her seemingly contradictory program to fight obesity.  Imagine that, fat people with no access to food!?!?  

Housing and Urban Development chief Shaun Donovan recently claimed that Bark Obama knows the struggle we have with finding food as he once had to take a bus to get fresh fruit.  

“He knows what it’s like to walk the streets of some of our cities’ poorest neighborhoods because he’s lived there,” Donovan said. “What it’s like to take a subway or a bus just to find a fresh piece of fruit in a grocery store.”

Strangely, he knows what its like to have to go a long distance to eat a dog also.  That aside, we have a problem here in Boston.  We have food deserts right here:

Right here in Greater Boston large sections of Chelsea, Dedham, East Boston, Lynn, Quincy and Revere are categorized as food deserts.

So if the problem is that low income people need affordable markets to buy quality food – wouldn’t having a Walmart help?  Walmart has a wonderful reputation for affordable prices, and they sell high quality fresh food as well.  Walmart carries huge assortments of fresh food.  In fact, that is part of what a lot of liberals hate about Walmart – their food is so low price that it would put the little grocers out of business.  

Yet, Boston Mayor Tom Menino won’t allow Walmart into Boston.  The Boston Globe reports this:

Boston officials have rebuffed a proposal to build the city’s first Walmart in Roxbury, the opening round of a fight expected to continue in several neighborhoods as the retail giant scouts for locations from Downtown Crossing to Dorchester.

In a recent private meeting with developers, Menino administration officials declined to endorse a plan to open a Walmart Neighborhood Market grocery store at the former Bartlett bus yard, a shuttered MBTA maintenance facility near Dudley Square, where food-shopping options are few.

Somebody help me out here – fat people are starving and the Mayor won’t let affordable markets into the city because their low prices are too low.  This must be part of a bad dream resulting from one too many spicy burritos.  

Like Obama’s refusal to approve the oil pipeline from Canada – this defies all logic.  We need jobs, we need healthy low cost food, we need to make use of shuttered buildings.  Menino brings it all to a stop so he can make a political point.  The point he is making is he is a dumbass….

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