4 Differences between Myself and Jamie Eldridge

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Elections are about choices and contrasts. Here are 4 real differences between myself and my 2012 opponent:

• He WANTS massive, green-only government subsidies that have failed to create large scale job numbers.

What our District NEEDS is a more competitive, small business climate that entices all companies – in multiple industries, to stay in Massachusetts instead of leaving our state. My opponent has conducted the wrong strategy by attempting to pick winners and losers in the marketplace, and place one, emerging industry above all the rest.

By contrast, I have filed a broad-based Economic Plan that establishes a more efficient and simpler system for our state tax code. It’s time to end special deals for both “big oil” and failed, solar panel “boondoggles.”

• He WANTS a Cap and Trade Carbon Tax on MA Small Businesses.

What our District NEEDS is to restore our commitment to educational excellence and Human Capital as the premier issue in Assabet Valley, MetroWest, and Nashoba Valley. This longstanding tradition is luring families from China, India, Brazil and the rest of the world to come here. As a certified teacher, former coach, classroom aid and tutor – I have the experience to be more effective on school issues, and make the next generation of state Education Reform work for our city and towns.  

My new website: www.MomsAndDadsForDean.com is devoted to sharing ideas on the #1 issue in our District, next to a stronger economy.

• He WANTS higher state taxes on income, capital gains, dividends, and gasoline.

What our DISTRICT NEEDS is to broaden our tax base, simplify and lower rates and end all special tax giveaways (like Evergreen Solar). We need reform that closes loopholes, reduces compliance costs and will jump-start both business and consumer spending.

• He WANTED a more “robust” Obama Stimulus (without metrics).

What our DISTRICT NEEDS is a design and construction process that builds MassDOT road, bridge and MBTA projects much faster and more efficiently.

The average MA road and bridge project takes 7-10+ years to complete here! I am committed to bringing performance based management and on-time delivery to MassDOT. Reforming our state transportation agencies is central to our Economic Recovery.

Time For a New Approach

My goal is to be an independent voice for better schools, saving Medicare for seniors, faster MassDOT Projects, and more private sector jobs without playing venture capitalist with the People’s Money. Unlike my very liberal opponent who focuses almost exclusively on narrow, special interest causes “I’ll put Education and the Economy First.”

Dean Cavaretta (R-Stow)

2012 Candidate for State Senate


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