33 Vote Against EBT Reform, 7 Have Challengers

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GoLocalWorcester hits State Rep. James O’Day over the head for his vote against EBT reform.

State Rep. James O’Day, D-West Boylston, was one of 33 House members voting against a budget amendment that would tightened the rules on the state’s Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system.

“It’s just another example of how he would rather not save people tax money and allow the abuse to continue and for abusers of the system to kick the can down the road,” said Republican Bill McCarthy, a former Worcester city council and sheriff candidate, who has been collecting signatures on his nomination papers. All papers must be turned in to the city clerk by 5 p.m. Monday.

1) Here is the roll call vote:


2) MerrimackMan needs to add Bill McCarthy to the list of GOP candidates.


3) Here is the list of State Reps that voted against EBT reform and their GOP challengers.


GOP Challenger


Selectwoman Susannah Whipps Lee (R-Athol)


Mark Jester (R-Pittsfield)


Joe Monju


Alderman Greer Tan Swiston (R-Newton)


Finance Committeeman George Georgountzos (R-Stoneham)


Bill McCarthy


Selectman Jon Fetherston (R-Ashland)

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  • MerrimackMan

    Challenged (Avg: 44% Brown)

    Denise Andrews- 2nd Franklin 57% Brown

    Jason Lewis- 31st Middlesex 55% Brown

    James O’Day- 14th Worcester 52% Brown

    Thomas Sannicandro- 7th Middlesex 49% Brown

    Sean Garballey- 23rd Middlesex 36% Brown

    Kay Khan- 11th Middlesex 31% Brown

    Tricia Farley-Bouvier- 3rd Berkshire 29% Brown

    Unopposed (Avg: 29% Brown)

    Cleon Turner- 1st Barnstable 58% Brown*

    Charles Murphy- 21st Middlesex 57% Brown*

    Jennifer Benson- 37th Middlesex 52% Brown*

    Alice Peisch- 14th Norfolk 51% Brown*

    Thomas Conroy- 13th Middlesex 48% Brown*

    Jay Kaufman- 15th Middlesex 40% Brown

    Marty Walsh- 13th Suffolk 38% Brown

    Smitty Pignatelli- 4th Berkshire 34% Brown

    Carl Sciortino- 34th Middlesex 33% Brown

    Marco Devers- 16th Essex 32% Brown

    Ruth Balser- 12th Middlesex 32% Brown

    Peter Kocot- 1st Hampshire 31% Brown

    Jon Hecht- 29th Middlesex 28% Brown

    Cheryl Coakley-Rivera- 10th Hampden 25% Brown

    Benjamin Swan- 11th Hampden 24% Brown

    Denis Provost- 27th Middlesex 22% Brown

    Frank Smizik- 15th Norfolk 22% Brown

    Byron Rushing- 9th Suffolk 22% Brown

    Ellen Story- 3rd Hampshire 21% Brown

    Timothy Toomey- 26th Middlesex 21% Brown

    Jeffrey Sanchez- 15th Suffolk 18% Brown

    Linda Dorcena Forry- 12th Suffolk 17% Brown

    Alice Wolf- 25th Middlesex 12% Brown

    Gloria Fox- 7th Suffolk 10% Brown

    Carlos Henriques- 5th Suffolk 9% Brown

    Liz Malia- 11th Suffolk 9% Brown

    *- Needs a Challenger ASAP

    Most of these Rep’s live in parts of the state that are way to the left, so they can get away with not supporting common sense reform. The 10 or so that don’t, really need to be held responsible for their voting records.

    Probably not going to be an updated list for another couple days, I’ll try to have it out by May 2nd (Filing closes on the 1st).

  • revolution2012

    Philip M. Mitza, a Republican from Somerville, is running for Representative in General Court from the 26th Middlesex District.