Why did Childs vote for Barney Frank in 2010?

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Like many others, I find Elizabeth Childs to be a very nice, likable individual who speaks with passion.  She seems like a viable political candidate to me (though perhaps not against a Kennedy in her first serious race!)

Also like many others, I am starting to have questions about Elizabeth’s rather sudden conversion to Republican, apparently just days before announcing her run for congress.  The recent globe article I think raises some important questions that Childs’ response (available here under “Time to Stop the Partisan Attacks”) does not really address.  So I’m going to ask them, because I want to know:

And she has voted in 11 Democratic state and presidential primaries since 1996, according to a review of her voting records in Brookline. Not once has she opted for a Republican ballot.

If Childs voted in the Dem primary last time around, that means she voted for Barney Frank.  (I say this because anyone crazy enough to vote for Rachel “Dining Room Table” Brown should be disqualified from all consideration for more serious reasons than being secretly a Democrat!)  So, Elizabeth, Why?  Why did you donate to Democrats in 2010 but not to Sean Bielat?

Why did you vote for Barney Frank?  

For that matter, why did you vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008?

I’m afraid your quote in the globe article is just not enough for me:

In an interview, Childs downplayed her party affiliation, as she does on her website. “I don’t think the party is as critical as the person,” Childs said. “I don’t think the party is what matters here.”

This is just not going to cut it.  Yes, I know, its not about a litmus test for 100% position adherence (or believe me, I would not be a Republican either) but party has to mean something, doesn’t it?  Does the Republican party mean anything to you besides balancing budgets?  Because any Democrat could claim that mantle as easily.

The only explanation that I’ve yet heard for your recent switch comes, unfortunately, from Barney himself:

Last week, Frank expressed bemusement at the Republican mantle chosen by Childs, suggesting she donned it only to run against him – knowing that his Republican opponent would easily raise large sums of money, as Bielat did in 2010.

You’ve bought a seemingly permanent ad space on the top of RMG, and now we want some answers.

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