The Truth, not “The Narrative” is What Matters

This prevailing narrative has become so successfully ingrained into people’s thinking that someone can not only make an unfounded assertion like this:

“For all the talk about the so-called 99% vs 1%, one of the largest reasons the disparities exist is due to government regulation of private capital markets. “

but they feel comfortable in doing so without even bothering to offer to provide a shred of supporting argument or evidence when they do. But it’s important to keep in mind that despite the casualness or even sloppiness that current purveyors of the prevailing narrative routinely demonstrate (like simply repeating that lower tax rates raise more revenue, which is clearly false), in fact the prevailing narrative got where it is today based on a tremendous amount of serious time and effort over many years, if not decades, including through the creation of the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks. – Greg Bialecki, Blue Mass Group, 3/24/2012

Three weeks ago to the day, Deval Patrick’s Secretary of Housing and Economic Development took to Blue Mass Group decrying a, as he describes it, “false narrative” being pushed by those of us on the right.  His main argument was that a simple statement, written in support of the widely supported Scott Brown crowdfunding bill, was a poster child for unsubstantiated statements.  Despite the statement being supported by the facts that 1%ers like Secretary Bialecki – to whom $17,000 is just a “small portion” of his portfolio – are able to invest in things that the government stops the rest of us investing in.  

What a difference three weeks makes. With dogged determination, and armed with the facts, this blog has shifted the conversation from the actual false narrative pushed by Bialecki and Deval Patrick to a focus on the facts.  After three weeks of focus on the actual state of the Commonwealths economy on this site, the Boston Globe confirmed the truth, that Massachusetts is not growing faster than the nation, and in fact has slowed down.

The figures the Patrick administration uses as the basis for the governor’s jobs argument overestimate the number of jobs created during the last two years by 34,000, newly revised data from the US Labor Department show. Bialecki provided no other evidence for the assertion that the state ranks fifth in job creation, aside from the old numbers.

Even one of the experts cited by the Patrick administration on Wednesday to back up the governor’s jobs statements says the old numbers can no longer be relied upon.

“Those data are no longer relevant, and that comparison would have to be updated,” said Andy Bagley, director of research and public affairs for the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

Even with the Globe story, Bialecki has still been going around saying that the BLS shouldn’t be believed and other data point to nation leading growth.  As covered here the Commonwealth by multiple measures is lagging the nation.  

As we look to move Massachusetts forward, we need our leaders to take a hard look at where we actually are.  The truth about our economy is what matters, not a “narrative”.  Narratives are for story telling, not for dealing in facts.

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