The Patrick Administration’s Big Lie – Only 4th for One Year in Job Creation

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Once again, I stand by my statements

In my post last summer (referred to by you above), I made two statements:

1. The state’s employment growth from 2000 to 2006 was among the worst in the nation, compared to other states.

2. The state’s employment growth from 2007 to date has been among the best in the nation, compared to other states.

Both of those statements were true based on the data then available through mid 2011.

As I am sure you have seen for yourself by now, both of those statements are still true today, through January 2012, even taking into account the latest revised data.

I think a reader of your post might take away the impression that my statements were not true, or are no longer true.

You are not suggesting that, are you? – Greg Bialecki – Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development

Yes Secretary Bialecki, I am.  You were not being truthful.  

Analyzing seasonally adjusted data from January 2007 until January 2012 your statements are not true.  Here are the rankings, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Employment Survey.

From January 2007 to January 2008, the Patrick Administrations first year in office we were ranked 24th in growth, middle of the pack.

From January 2008-January 2009, we were ranked 23rd in growth 23rd in the nation, middle of the pack.

The one year that we were ranked 4th was January 2009 – January 2010.  

The following year from January 2010 – January 2011 we plummeted to 34th.

As already discussed here from January 2011 to January 2012 we were ranked 40th.

In only one year were we ranked high, and that was 2009.  This is due to us not falling as hard, in effect “not sucking as much.”  Not because of any magical job growth formula.  In 2009 we still contracted by 1.36%.  Once the engines of the economy started going again. Other states, started passing us by.  

Overall from 2007-2012 we rank 12th, and we are dropping fast.  From January 2010 one month after the employment trough until today we rank 38th, pretty much near the bottom of the pack.

Here is a chart of selected time periods over the past 22 years.

Secretary Bialecki, it is time for you and Deval Patrick to take off the rose colored glasses.  We as a state are getting lost behind as the nation grows.  We are not growing stronger and faster, we are growing weaker and slower.  The data don’t lie.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    If you want a real challenge – prove they ever told the truth….  I truly don’t think Deval Patrick has told the truth about ANYTHING since taking the oath of office….

    I think he lied about his wife suffering from depression.

    I think he lied about the economy recovering.

    I think he lied about jobs creation.

    I think he lied about wanting 1000 cops on the street.

    I think he lied about wanting property tax relief.

    I think he lied about 16 years of Republican Governors hurting the economy.

    I think he lied about___________. (Fill in the blank)

  • It should be noted that the overall unemployment rate in Mass was very low until 2007, so the rate of “growth” would be minimal. It is a dishonest argument that Rick Perry tried in the debates. Good to know Bialecki is as skilled as Perry.

  • Thank you for staying on this.  Curious to see how, if at all, Sec Bialecki responds.