The Fraud of Christy Mihos

I can’t believe no one has brought up this story yet, but Christy Mihos – the man who first helped  elect Deval Patrick by running away from the Republican party, is now seeking ‘treatment’ for his ‘addiction to porn stars and prostitutes’.  

He says he has a sex addiction.    

Christy is also accused of allegedly threatening to kill his wife – in a heated argument.  

Imagine this guy as Governor… yikes.  

Don’t forget the stuff he said against Kerry Healey and then all the stuff he hit Charlie Baker with, thanks Christy for your legacy of disgracing our party.  

I guess I wanted to bring this up, not to hit a guy when he’s down.  Though – little pity do I have if he really is a domestic abuser (alleged).  I want to bring it up because I want to make sure we do what the left doesn’t do, which is disavow those in our party (even as marginally in the party he was) when they do something wrong.  They ignore the problems, we shouldn’t.…  

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