Super Tuesday Predictions

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Here we are folks – the Eve of Super Tuesday.  Mitt Romney is leading in the polls against a formidable pack of Republican veterans from the House and Senate.  We have seen the meteoric rise, and fall, of Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Perry.  Through it all Mitt Romney has maintained a steady 20 to 25 percent of the voters.  

Perhaps Mitt was never the majority’s favorite, but you must admit that he has been a steady competitor and solid campaigner from state to state.  I think tomorrow will prove to be a pivotal day for the Republicans.  

My prediction for tomorrow:

Of the 419 delgates:  Mitt Romney will likely get 200 to 250.  Newt may take Georgia – 76.  Ron Paul – 40 to 50. Rick Santorum – 50 to 75.

I do not believe any candidate will withdraw from the race based on Super Tuesday’s results.  I think Ron Paul will continue to run based on principle, Rick Santorum based on misguided hopes, and Newt based on pure unadulterated ego.  The power of Mitt’s ground game and organization will prove to be an insurmountable obstacle and the people who support Santorum, Gingrich and Paul will begin to fall away as they realize they are part of a losing effort.  The ‘team’ knows who won’t win before the candidate does!

By Wednesday evening you will begin to hear about campaign staffers starting to walk away from Santorum’s camp and Gingrich’s camp.  Ron Paul’s money supply will begin to wither and Mitt Romney will slowly and steadily begin to climb to a majority position in ALL polling.  

The race that seems to have dragged on for so long will begin to focus like a laser beam and Republicans from both ends of the conservative spectrum will begin to mobilize behind Mitt Romney.  

Though Santorum and Gingrich will insist they are still in it to win it – the media will pay attention almost exclusively to Romney.  The absence of media in Newt and Rick’s face will be what drives them to eventually drop out of the race.  

By April 1st – Mitt Romney will be a done deal…  

Your thoughts?

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