My Opponent’s Priorities are Moonbeam

There is too much money in politics, and I’ve been very clear on the need to reform Campaign Finance Laws on all sides.  (Just ask Charlie Baker who in 2010 was viciously placed in the cross-hairs of my former union the MTA, to the tune of millions).

But, across Middlesex & Worcester: Local Aid is cut; Property Taxes are up; Home Values are down. MA road, bridge and MBTA projects take 7-10 years to build. The commercial vacancy rate along I-495 exceeds 50%. Unfunded mandates and the unfair Chapter 70 funding formula still negatively affect our schools. Yet, As a State Senator, Jamie Eldridge makes as his #1 initiative (?) to somehow overturn a U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Super-Pacs, while his Massachusetts tax, regulatory and Canadian Health Care Plan(s) would bleed this Commonwealth dry and eliminate jobs.

I’m running as a former teacher and state transportation official to put Education and the Economy first, not a failed, narrow policy agenda targeted exclusively to the Special Interests.

Dean Cavaretta (R-Stow)

2012 Candidate for State Senate

Tel: (978) 310-1245

Acton; Ayer; Boxborough; Harvard; Hudson; Littleton; Marlborough; Maynard; Northborough (3);

Shirley; Southborough; Stow; Sudbury (2/3); and Westborough                                                                                

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