MA Job Creation – “Human Capital” ain’t what it used to be

First, if you aren’t tracking the excellent back-and-forth that Rob Eno is having at Red Mass Group (and elsewhere) with Patrick Administration Secretary of Economic Development Greg Bialecki about the validity (not) of the Administration’s job-creation (not) figures, check it out. It was fascinating even before the release last week of this statistic-and-chart-filled report by Mass Inc., sub-titled “Meeting The Challenges of the Bay State’s Lost Decade.” Since then it’s been a decidedly one-sided affair, as Rob merrily deploys the heavy ordnance of Mass Inc’s data against the pop-gun of Bialecki’s stale Patrick Administration rhetoric.

Give the Secretary credit. It takes a certain kind of gumption to stick with “on the mend and on the move” against stuff like this and this and this. He ought to ask his boss for a raise.

I’m not going to reproduce Rob’s analysis here – follow those links and read it for yourself. The upshot, though, is that in the past week new figures from the Board of Labor Statistics and now the Mass Inc. report have completely and thoroughly debunked Deval Patrick’s frequent claim that Massachusetts is a national leader in job creation. The truth is that for most of the past decade, we’ve been in the middle or the back of the pack. The fact that those conclusions jibe so thoroughly to what on-the-ground personal experience has been telling us for years only makes the credibility impact worse for whoever ends up carrying the Patrick legacy standard into 2014.

The Administration’s best and most effective rejoinder to such an observation, of course, is to accuse its critics of “rooting for failure,” or “playing to our fears instead of our hopes,” etc. But it isn’t fear-mongering to ask our elected officials to stop spinning fictions against the very serious and readily-observable reality reflected in Mass Inc.’s meticulously-researched conclusions. Eventually one must ask such officials, respectfully, to cut the sanctimony and rejoin us in the real world. 

Anyhow, one particular part of Mass Inc.’s conclusions caught my eye in particular… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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