Jen Benson Doesn’t Think a Regular Electrician Can Handle a Solar Power Array

It seems as though having a professional license from the Commonwealth as an electrician or contractor isn’t good enough to install a solar panel array according to Jen Benson. She excitedly told the Readers of the Acton Patch, of her legislation to require an additional license to install solar panels.

This month, one of the bills I filed was heard by the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. An Act Pertaining to Green Energy Career Development creates a solar specialty contractor classification, registration, or license. The license will be required to receive a building permit for any solar installation.  These installations require multiple tradespersons with specialized knowledge. Creating a solar specialty contractor license will ensure that our burgeoning solar projects are installed by appropriately trained and experienced tradespersons with the proper coordination and oversight. I was joined by a number of supporters from the Solar Energy Business Association of New England, and a number of small solar contractors across the Commonwealth. This is an important piece of legislation that will help our solar industry continue to grow and I look forward to working with the Chairmen on the joint committee.  

I thought the goal was to get more people to switch to solar energy.  I can’t figure out how putting up more roadblocks to the installation of that energy will help bring down the cost and make it more affordable.  

The one thing this will do?  Raise more license fee revenue for the Commonwealth.

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