Is Elizabeth Warren Violating the “Spirit of” The People’s Pledge?

Just because they’ve been asked by the Elizabeth Warren Campaign not to run ads, doesn’t mean third party groups aren’t helping her campaign.  An email forwarded to Red Mass Group shows that the Bold Progressives PAC appears to be coordinating with the Elizabeth Warren campaign on a fundraiser this Sunday.

So where are you going to be supporting Elizabeth Warren at this grassroots fundraiser to help her fight the machine?  Find out after the jump.

If you guessed with the Boston Teachers Union, YOU WIN!  That’s right, help Elizabeth Warren fight the machine, by going to a fundraiser at Machine Headquarters.  

Back to the “People’s Pledge”, while not a technical violation, isn’t this a violation of the spirit of the “People’s Pledge”.  Especially since it seems there’s a whole lot of coordination going on?

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