Gregory Bialecki’s Intellectual Dishonesty

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Good friend Rob Eno is kicking Gregory Bialecki’s ass and the Morrissey Blvd crowd agrees. In spite of contrary evidence, Greg B ignores the real jobs #s and reasons that “The old number feels like the better description of what’s really happening in the Massachusetts economy.”

Feels like a better description of what’s really happening? So much for objective analysis.

Greg insists that “the state ranks fifth in job creation” in spite of adjusted data that shows Mass in 47th place in terms of true job creation.

On the mend and on the move? Not if Greg Bialecki is in charge of collecting and analyzing the data. How do you develop policy if you are unable to understand (and acknowledge) reality.

People have been fired for less.

“The old number feels like the better description of what’s really happening in the Massachusetts economy,” based on other economic indicators, including gross domestic product growth, export growth, tourism, and payroll withholding tax growth, said Gregory Bialecki, secretary of housing and economic development.

The figures the Patrick administration uses as the basis for the governor’s jobs claims overestimate the number of jobs created over the last two years by 34,000, newly revised data from the federal Labor Department show. Bialecki provided no other basis to back up the claim that the state ranks fifth in job creation, aside from the old numbers.”

Adding to the argument in favor of the Patrick Administration’s intellectual dishonesty is the not so subtle charge that ignoring the real story is, in part, complicated by Deval Patrick’s role in Presidential politics.

Rob Eno, publisher of the Red Mass Group, a conservative blog, has has been crying foul over Patrick’s economic rhetoric. The governor and his cabinet, Eno said, “refuse to admit that they have a problem because it doesn’t fit the narrative that Massachusetts is leading the nation, which hurts Deval Patrick’s role as a surrogate for the Barrack Obama campaign.

Good job Rob.…

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