Good Job Senator Brown – Sen. Brown urges bank to negotiate with church

Senator Brown hits this one out of the park. He’s right. Even matters between a church and private business should be off limits to government intrusion, except when that private business owes its existence to the taxpayers.

Brown’s intervention in this case shows sound judgement and his specific reference to a taxpayer funded bailout shows a fair and due level of consideration to the taxpayers who funded the bailout.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has waded into the legal dispute between OneUnited Bank and the Charles Street AME Church, penning a letter to both sides that urges them to negotiate.

“I do not normally advocate for government intervention in private business matters, and I fully understand that a bank has a duty to its private investors and depositors, but I also recall that when OneUnited Bank was in financial trouble in 2008, the bank reached out to the taxpayers and got a $12 million infusion of taxpayer funds, which have not been paid back,” Brown wrote in a latter dated today and addressed to the Rev. Gregory Groover of Charles Street AME Church and OneUnited CEO Kevin Cohee.…

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