Feb. Foreclosures up 41%

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A new report by the Warren Group (no relation to that Senate candidate who won’t take a stand on this issue), shows that in Massachusetts last month foreclosures were up 41% over a year ago.  


They report almost 1,400 foreclosures last month, that’s 46 families a day – and what does Deval do? Well, he actually sold some of those people their now foreclosed mortgaged, our Governor actually profited from these sorts of mortgages.  

That’s what he does – he made a buck off of the backs of families facing foreclosure.  Well done Governor well done!  

It should make people sick that every day 46 families in our state lose their homes- and then hear the Governor’s staff say that things are ‘getting much better’ we are ‘on the move and on the mend’.  

The Governor isn’t just out of touch with Massachusetts, but with reality.  

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