Bully-proof: Gov. Fails in Revenge Against Sheriffs

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It was not enough for the Governor (with the help of the White House) to succeed in keeping Massachusetts a sanctuary state by blocking federal authorities from implementing Secure Communities, a common sense program that removes illegal alien criminals from our towns.  He also had to get back at the four Sheriffs who boldly challenged his plan (Sheriffs Hodgson, Evangelidis, McDonald and Cummings).  

His revenge took the form of budget cuts amounting to three million dollars that was destined for Bristol, Worcester, Plymouth and Barnstable Counties.  

The Sheriffs predicted this last year when they launched their efforts to persuade ICE to bring to program to their counties over the objections of the governor.  Each of these counties has crime problems that are a side effect of uncontrolled  immigration, including murders, vehicular homicides, drunk driving, assaults on police officers, gang crime, drug dealing, and prostitution.  So they could use the extra money.  But they did the right thing in pushing for Secure Communities anyway, because they lead major law enforcement agencies and are responsible for public safety.  Their efforts have been supported at the federal level by Senator Scott Brown, who also has politely pestered DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano about this problem from his seat on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.  

Fortunately, most of the legislature saw the governor’s move for the transparent act of petty retaliation that it was.  On Monday the Senate voted unanimously to override the governor.  Yesterday, all but two members of the House voted to restore the funding to the sheriffs.  

Representatives Tricia Farley-Bouvier, of Pittsfield (in Berkshire County), and Denise Andrews, of Orange (in Franklin County), could not bring themselves to approve this money for Bristol County, although they approved the override for the other counties.  Go figure.  

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